Hot Fall Color Trends 2012

When the temperatures drop the colors heat up!  Get ready for the Hot Colors of Fall 2012.Pantone came out with their Top Ten colors for the fall.  Here are Beasley & Henley Interior Design’s Top Five!1. Tangerine.  This orangy delight has been around for a while and shows no signs of slowing down.Tangerine fabric on modern arms chairs in a classical setting.Beasley& Henley Interior Design2. Honey Gold is on the list of hot fall colors, which is no surprise. This is a fall favorite and one we love. Warm and soothing Honey Gold.             

3. Pink Flambe. WOW! Forget the old and stodgy earth tone colors of fall.  Get the pantone Pink color chart out and get your Pink Flambe on!

 4. Chartuese.  Another surprise Fall Color.  This calming green is a breath of fresh air to any room.              5. Olympian Blue.  This is the Pantone color name, but we want to amend it to include any deep beautiful blue that you like!  Here is a one of Farrow and Ball’s Paint colors that features a rich blue we love.

 The remaining Hot Colors of Fall 2012 are French Roast (deep brown), Ultramarine Green, Titanium (warm grey), Rhapsody (soft purple), and Rose Smoke (light rose).  Enjoy!

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