Hottest Home Décor Trends! What Designers Are Excited About In 2019!

Hello 2019 you’ve finally made your appearance and we’re glad you are here. We are excited to see what you have in store for us in home décor this year. I’ve spent some time evaluating and exploring the design trends you will so graciously lay upon us. I’m ever so passionate about design and I cannot wait to tell everyone about the hottest trends in home décor for 2019. We are not going to replace all our family room furniture every year, but there are still ways we can work these trends into your abode. Your home is your sanctuary, and its décor should reflect your taste and style. I understand the importance of making a home feel fresh and by introducing only one or two of these trending pieces you can. Below are 5 noteworthy emerging trends I thought I would share with you today! Enjoy!Velvet Old Fashion? NO!! We are welcoming this trend with arms wide open in 2019 and I’m happy they are. There is nothing priggish or outdated about velvet! This tactile fabric has continued to pull at my creative design strings. Gaining a lot of attention this multi-dimensional fabric started to pique the interest of home décor enthusiasts last year. Velvet décor will be one of 2019’s most sought after trends. Simple and effective you can add a few velvet throw pillows doused in the colors of the moment. For a larger impact a velvet sofa can play the hero of the room making a real statement.  Canopy Beds Worth Dreaming About. We’ve seen a nice steady rise in the awakening of the canopy bed. Though they haven’t been in vogue in 20 plus years, they seem to be an attention getter of the bedroom. They instantly make a dramatic impact, whether they are traditionally styled or more modern. It’s important to consider the silhouette of the bed compared to the size of your room. A slim silhouette will work beautifully, leaning an enviable sense of elegance in a smaller room without overbearing the space.   Cocktails Anyone? If you enjoy mixing a specialty cocktail and entertaining, you’re going to be excited about this next trend. Nothing says mid-century glamour like a bar cart. While they can be quite glitzy, they’re actually available in a range of styles and finishes so there’s one to fit any décor type. Bar carts are an engaging essential that that can be really fun to accessorize with books, artwork, plants and of course liquor, citrus, mixers and fabulous glasses.All About The Curves. 2019 will be all about the curves and soft angles, giving sofas, arm chairs and tables a more fluid shape. The hard lines of the past are being traded in for soft curves. Crescent silhouettes and graceful curved corners will be taking over both furniture and accessories in the homes this year. Go ahead and get rid of the ridged lines and welcome soft corners, round edges and billowing lines.Reconnecting Our Home With Earth. Known for their many health benefits, houseplants reconnect our homes with the greater outdoors. I’m loving this trend for our tech-driven lives. For it allows us to branch out and become closer to nature while indoors.  .  

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