How a Visually Pleasing Home Contributes to Productivity

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Credit: Unsplash

The quick spread of the coronavirus has caused a sudden shift to remote working arrangements, and both employers and employees have struggled to adapt to a work from home lifestyle. Working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic has presented workers with problems, such as how they can maintain their productivity while working from home. For some, it was simply a matter of getting used to it; however, this has also caused many people to realize that their homes are not a conducive working environment.

The economic climate isn’t very sympathetic right now, putting employees and employers under intense pressure to deliver and be as productive as ever. This is especially true for partnerships and LLCs based in Florida, a state economy this is currently rebounding from the effects of lockdowns. With an excellent infrastructure for businesses, a talented workforce, and one of the highest rates of net migration, competition in Florida is fierce for businesses, and nobody can afford to slack off despite the shift in working arrangements.

Insider explains how interior decorating can affect your productivity in the workplace, and this can also be used to make your home office space as inspirational and motivational as possible. From small changes like using dedicated workspaces to improving soundproofing in your home, what’s good about a home office is that you can customize it according to what works best for you. With that in mind, here are a few interior decorating ideas that can help you improve your productivity:


Add the color green

The color green has calming effects, and is associated with nature. If possible, rather than just being in a green room or having green items around you, consider having an actual plant in your workspace. Science Daily discusses how plants can help lower stress. Plants are living things, so there is a sense of interaction in just being in the same room as small, potted greenery. Plants have a natural calming effect that will provide you a little respite amidst a busy day.

Use natural light

This point doesn’t really focus on decor, but natural light helps keep your eyes healthy, as there it will decrease the chances of eye strain while being in front of a screen. Boss Magazine also explains how it boosts your mood and gives you a sunny disposition, increasing your morale. “The theory behind this is that a lack of sunlight may have an impact on the hypothalamus – the part of the brain that impacts on the production of melatonin, serotonin, and the body’s internal clock,” the article states. This means that natural light improves your quality of sleep, thus making you more productive. Sunlight also improves your vitamin D levels, and having better health makes it easier to concentrate.


Have space for storage

A cluttered desk and workspace will only serve as a distraction. Matthew Encina of TheFutur describes how an organized work space can help you feel more comfortable and decrease the chances of growing frustrated from having to look for things, thus maximizing your work time. Organize your things according to how often you use them, and get rid of the things you’ve stocked up on but no longer need on a daily basis. Being organized improves your focus on work because an organized environment makes you feel in control. Cleaning your workspace also makes it healthier, so it decreases your chances of getting sick.

Whether or not your time of remote working is nearing an end, or you’re one of those people who are likely to continue working remotely well into 2021, it’s still better to improve your productivity at home as soon as possible. Not only does this lower your stress levels, but it helps you become a more efficient worker as well. If you would like some help decorating your workspace, check out Interior Design Services for more inspiration.

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