How to Cohesively Style Your Fall Décor to Match Your Home

If pumpkin spice lattes, denim jackets, and hayrides are your jam, you’re in great company. A survey commissioned by OnePoll found that 56% of Americans are happiest during fall compared to the other seasons.

Between the changing foliage, backyard fire pits, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate the return of brisk temperatures. Yet, of all the things to look forward to, decorating your home for the season should be the most exciting.

The best fall décor inspiration often comes from nature itself, as the season delivers a beautiful array of warm tones, textures, and soothing scents. From candles to wreaths, here are five ways to cohesively style your fall décor to match your home perfectly.

1.  Incorporate Fall Colors

When decorating your house for fall, lean into colors found in autumn landscapes – like pine green, rusty orange, mahogany, rich magenta, and gold.

While you can always tie actual leaves, pumpkins, and gourds into your design, some may prefer to keep their fall décor simple. Swap out the throw blanket on the sofa or cover your living room and bedroom pillows with fall-colored textiles.

Plaid is also reminiscent of harvest season for those interested in including patterns. Otherwise, wicker baskets can enhance the natural look and feel of the space.

Fall colors look great whether your home is more traditional or contemporary. It’s all a matter of the quantities and the ways you use them.

2.  Blend Décor With Your Home’s Colors

Perhaps your home interiors follow a particular style, such as a modern farmhouse, which usually comprises neutral white walls, wood flooring, beams, black hardware, and plenty of natural light.

Fortunately, craft stores sell unique fall decorations that blend seamlessly into your design without too much pop of color. For instance, consider displaying:

●     White and beige decorative pumpkins

●     Wooden bowls that hold acorns

●     Wood beading strung around a chandelier

●     Mercury glass vases filled with dried oat grass

Homes with a more neutral color palette can still include saturated fall colors. For example, there was a 78.2% search increase for sage tones in 2021, making it the most popular color on the rise for monochromatic and muted palettes.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a mid-century modern home, natural fall colors may blend in automatically. A mid-century modern home usually has bold yellows, reds, greens, and blues throughout the interiors, as well as wood and gold elements.

3.  Spruce Up Your Porch and Doorway

Don’t get so wrapped up in decorating inside that you forget your home’s exteriors. There are several opportunities to create a stunning, cohesive autumn look outdoors.

Depending on your home’s siding, some decorations might look better than others. For example, your home might use Hardie siding that mimics how natural wood looks without the required maintenance of real wood.

You can pull off rustic décor nicely with a Hardie exterior – and white-painted siding creates a beautiful backdrop for any fall decorations. Consider hanging a gas lantern next to the front door or placing mason jar candles in a vintage caddy on a hay bale.

If your home has vinyl siding, as most houses do, there’s an opportunity for more versatility. Just don’t forget to hang a seasonal wreath on your front door – autumn wouldn’t be the same without one!

4.  Infuse Fall Aromas

From Homesick

Fall decorations can be expensive, but there’s an affordable way to tie seasonal décor into your home.

Scented candles create a fall ambiance, sending all your favorite warm and cozy smells throughout your home. Maybe you like the smell of baked apple pie, pumpkin pecan waffles, or a woodsy bonfire.

The fall and winter holiday season is the candle industry’s hottest, with 35% of its sales occurring this time of year.

Other ways to create fall aromas are by filling bowls with autumn-inspired potpourri, burning essential oils, using reed diffusers, or sticking cloves into oranges.

5.  Layer Textures

Enhance the coziness of your home design for fall by layering textures. Some ideas might include:

●     Mixing faux fur and suede decorative pillows

●     Combining different patterns in subtle ways – for example, a black-and-white plaid duvet with a thin-striped white and gray bed sheet set

●     Layered rugs

●     Mixing matte and glossy finishes on decorative items

There are endless possibilities for layering textures, which will help ground the space and tie fall décor into your usual home design.

Fall in Love With Seasonal Décor to Match Your Home

Seasonal decorating always comes down to personal preference – some might want a blatant display of fall celebration, while others might be more interested in cohesively styling fall décor into their interiors. Regardless, allow yourself to fall in love with the colors, textures, and smells of everyone’s favorite time of year.

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