How To Design Your Dream Dining Room

An inviting dining space is a home essential and chances are it’s one room in your home that could use a little attention. It’s not only about function, but a little fashion as well. It’s much more than just eating. It should be about the ambiance people feel when they dine in your home. A space where family and friends make time to share their lives. A place where a little drama may erupt in conversation or a place where a little drama can be felt within the décor. Your table is the anchor of the room and the surrounding chairs are just as important.  You want a table set that looks great, serves your dining needs and will last a long time. It’s important to take the time to select the right table for your room’s size and purpose. If you’re looking to go smaller or for great conversation and social gatherings, a round table is a great option. If you’re looking to go larger, a rectangular is popular choice. Most importantly don’t forget to confirm your dining room’s available space before making any table purchases. “Measure and measure again to before falling in love with a table that just won’t work.   It’s fun to add an eclectic mix of chairs to your dining space and a great way to add your own personal style. Make sure they are the right height for your table before falling in love with them!  I also love the look of a bench. So often in a dining space we think of individual chairs as our only choice. A bench with a medley of chairs works for any style of dining space from formal to casual, traditional to transitional. You can also cozy up to your favorite person and squeeze in a few more people during the holidays.  Plan for beautiful lighting in your dining room. Include that uniquely gorgeous chandelier you have been eyeing for a while now. The right fixture can do your space a major favour and exhibit your personal style. It can easily contribute to mood and functionality of the room. A light fixture is like a beautiful piece of jewelry that’s enjoyed from a far. It can be more adventurous because no one’s touching these hanging works of art. Your chandelier can act as the sculptural element in your dining room. It can create the exact mood in which you choose to feel in the space. Don’t forget to consider the diameter and height in which you choose to have your chandelier hung when redecorating the space.     

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