How to Elevate Your Home Before Selling It

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When you list your home on the real estate market, you envision finding a buyer in the shortest time possible. For your home to sell fast, you need to build your home’s value by increasing its appeal to potential buyers. Beasley & Henley Interior Design can help you visualize and bring to life a gorgeous space that both you and buyers will simply love. This article will highlight some key areas where updates and repairs will add value to your home.

Optimize Lighting

A well-lit house always has an inviting look. Leverage the natural light available to make the rooms seem brighter and larger. You can achieve this by keeping window treatments simple and using light fabrics like curtains. White and pale colors add to the brightness since they reflect light in the room.

When looking for light fixtures, select colors that will blend in well with the hardware in your home. For instance, a mixture of brass and gold fixtures doesn’t mix well with cool wall colors compared to brushed nickel or chrome.

Every room should have 3 types of lighting;

▪        Overhead or Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting illuminates the room in general. It gives the space a warm and deep aspect. Consider using recessed downlights in the ceiling or track lights in smaller rooms and chandeliers in vast rooms.

▪        Task-Specific Lighting

Task lighting is for practical purposes, to help you perform daily activities such as reading or cooking. By design, such lights should eliminate any shadows and illuminate fine details.

In the bedrooms, consider having desk lamps, table lamps, or floor lamps. You can always carry them with you to your new home.

In the kitchen, use high hats and pendant lights, and have lighting under the cabinets. Bathrooms can have updated wall-mounted

▪        Accent Lighting

Accent lights are to personalize the space and add style. When used well, accent lighting enhances the architectural details of your home.

Some examples you can use are wall lights, shelf lights, fireplace lights, or art and toe kick lighting.

Outside your house, ensure you have a well-lit path to make buyers feel welcome and safe. You can use individually lit pavers and downlights to prevent glare.

Ensure you fix light switches that are not functional and any electrical issues, as well.

Update Light Bulbs to LED

The ideal brightness for your home should be 100 watts for every 50 square feet. Consider LED bulbs as they last longer and consume 75% less energy than regular bulbs. They also remain cool for more extended periods, so they don’t produce unnecessary heat like bathrooms, for example.

Replace all worn-out bulbs with energy-efficient ones and add more bulbs where necessary. Highlight this energy efficiency in your listing description to boost your home’s value by 1-3%.

Undertake Cosmetic Repairs

Some minor projects involving repairs and cost-effective updates will have your home looking too good to pass on! For example, if your windows appear dated or are faulty, hire professional window repair services. This starts with a simple search for window repairs near me and check out a few companies online. To establish credibility, read some customer reviews and ask them to refer you to happy customers. Before you meet up with the company to talk business, make sure they have an insurance plan and a valid license as well.

On average, the cost of window repair is $290. The cost can either go up or down, based on the type of windows you’d like and the amount of work you need.

Update Up the Bathrooms

Most buyers tend to give bathrooms much attention when checking out houses to buy. A good starting point for you to make the bathrooms look more presentable is the faucets shower fittings. Get rid of any old or rusty faucets or shower fittings and replace them with new models or designs.

Remove and replace tiles that have cracks and apply fresh grouting in discolored areas or have stained. Add towel bars or rings for convenience, and if there’s additional space, consider adding some storage units. Keep the colors neutral and select cabinets with no raised panels.

To update the style, consider adding natural stone on the countertops. If you have brass or metal doors, you can install frameless glass doors. Work with Beasley & Henley Interior Design to upgrade your bathrooms, kitchen, and more. Let our previous work inspire you!

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