How to Get the Rustic Modern Look for Your Home

The rustic modern look is warm and inviting with just the right amount of edgy charm to keep it intriguing. It’s also an easy decor theme to work with regardless of your budget. It lends itself well to DIY projects and improvements, especially painting and refinishing. The next time you want to update your home decor, you can consider going with a modern rustic theme that makes use of shabby chic items you currently own and new treasures that you discover at garage sales, yard sales, and estate sales. Here’s how to get started with redecorating your favorite spaces.

 Keep an Eye Out for Wooden Pieces

Wooden accents and other pieces are a hallmark of the rustic modern look. As you’ll come to see, natural elements are a mainstay of the trend, and it doesn’t get more natural than wood. Consider refinishing wooden pieces that you already have, whether it’s a bookcase or a coffee table. Instead of putting down new flooring, which can be expensive, see what’s under your current floor – maybe there’s wood hiding under there. You can also comb yard sales and garage sales for pieces that you love. Don’t pay attention to scuffs or chipped paint. Those are easy fixes that you can do yourself. You can refinish any type of wood furniture on your own by sanding it down and staining it or perhaps painting it with chalk paint.


Cultivate a Collection of Antiques

You don’t have to trawl the antique shops to find antiques. On the contrary, it’s surprisingly easy to find treasures at the local yard sales. To incorporate antique pieces that will enhance your rustic modern décor, look for eye-catching items that fit in with your theme. An antique camera on a tripod can look at home in your corner, or maybe you could place an old globe on your mantle. You may also be able to find pieces that you can repurpose, such as an old window frame that you can turn into a chalkboard or a barn door that can become a headboard.

 Work with Natural Elements

Natural elements are a must in a modern rustic room. We already know that wood is one of the go-to materials for your new decor, and you can incorporate other natural materials, as well. If something appears to come from nature, then it will fit in with your theme. Stone items are ideal for this. Better still, stone is a perfect complement to wood. Keep in mind that you can also paint it. For instance, applying a whitewash to exposed brick will change the entire look of your space.

There are modern elements to introduce into your room, too. Stainless steel will instantly take rustic decor to a modern level. Wrought iron can do the same.

 Stick to Neutral Color Palettes

Rustic modern decor typically focuses on the rustic aspect. Bright colors detract from the theme. It’s better to search for items that fall into a neutral color palette. Warm browns, greys, soft whites, and subtle pops of green will create cohesion in your space. Bear that in mind as you scope the sales for couches, chairs, and accent pieces. Don’t worry, though. You can add pops of color to bring brightness to the room. Think about vivid throw pillows or lush plants.

 Decorate with an Eye Toward Vintage Accents

Anything vintage will go with your rustic modern decor. We already mentioned looking for antiques, but vintage decor goes beyond that. You can look for vintage items that will boost the appeal of your space. That might be an old tea kettle that you display on a shelf or an old picture that tickles your fancy.

 Score Mid-Century Modern Finds

We’ve been focusing on the rustic, antique aspect of this trend, but we can’t forget about the modern edge. The key is to make sure that nothing you choose is too modern. Mid-century modern designs can save you there. This era is characterized by sharp pieces in stark neutrals. The pieces you find will strike a contrast with the vintage-inspired aspects of your design. That will transform your room into a dramatic, dynamic space. It also gives you the opportunity to outfit your room with practical pieces, such as a leather settee or an interesting side table.

There are many ways to design your rustic modern room but following these tips will give you the perfect foundation. What’s your favorite aspect of the rustic modern design theme?

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