How To Redecorate A Room In Your Home In Under A Day

An Ancient Chinese proverb states: “before preparing to improve the world, first look around your own home three times”.  Whilst this motto can be interpreted in many ways, it does point towards the importance of creating a comfortable space you can call home, where the stresses and strains of the day are released.  If your home is a space you feel at ease in, you are less likely to enter the world outside in a state of frustration and stress.  So, there is something to be said for home improvement as a way to improve the quality of life.  Yet, in the fast-paced world we live in, extensive remodels and redesigns aren’t always practical or possible.  In this blog, we look at easy wins and impactful steps you can take to redecorate your space in under a day.  Concentrating on just one room, we look at top tips for achieving a less than-24-hour makeover. 

Seek Inspiration

If you are going to renovate and redecorate a room in under a day, then you need a clear sense of the overall look or theme you are trying to achieve.  You are looking for creating an impactful change to the room in a way that feels cohesive and well thought out.  So, whilst you might not have a great deal of time to dedicate to making the changes, do give some time to considering your theme, or style goals for the room.  To make life easier, take a look at Beasley and Henley’s readymade mood boards that detail colors, finishes and fixtures that can create a modern and fresh look for 2022.  For example, your eye might be drawn to the vibrant and playful jewel tones in the Miramar Station Board.  Alternatively, perhaps you prefer the overall look of the nature inspired Gulf Coast Town Centre Board, with green and black accent colors.  The beauty of a mood board is that it gives you a strong sense of how you can achieve an overall cohesion that will help you achieve a welcoming and relaxing interior with the all-important wow factor.

 Shop the Look

A significant part of a less-than-a-day transformation will rely on beautiful, and design led fixtures and furnishings that can be added to your room with minimal fuss involved.  Sensual soft furnishings, elegant window dressings and carefully placed artwork can transform a room from mediocre to majestic.  So, once you know the look you are aiming for, you can begin to source items that will be part of the finish.  For example, you may choose to invest in some new scatter cushions and free-standing lamps that will bring your lounge redesign to life.  If you are transforming a bedroom, seek out artwork that speaks to you and helps to create the vibe you are looking for in your space.  These items will all be easy to install when it comes to the redecorate itself. 

 Flooring Options

In a day’s redesign you are unlikely to have time to secure a re-fit of flooring.  However, you can still make changes by including rugs as part of the re-design.  There are many options for luxurious rugs of differing sizes, manufactured from a range of materials to accommodate all tastes.  Rolling out a rug takes minutes and will instantly add definition to your space.  You could opt for a geometric design for a modern look, or rug produced from natural fibers to complement a more muted scheme.  You will be aiming for a rug large enough for the room.  If you plan to place furniture on the rug, ensure that you opt for a product that is generously sized so there is room around the item(s).  Take a look at MYDOMAIN posting called “11 Area Rugs That Will Instantly Upgrade Any Room”. They have some great ideas!

Clean to Make the Design Shine

Once you have chosen your overall theme, and shopped for your fixtures, fittings, and accessories, you are ready to begin your day’s transformation.  A key part of creating your space will be to ensure you make the most of your space by ensuring it is clean and shiny.  You will not have time to sand down and gloss paint woodwork, but by cleaning baseboards and any already painted wooden features, you may well find that a repaint is unnecessary anyway.  Use products that are safe for your interior finishes.  Sugar soap is a tried and tested product used by professional decorators and will remove dust, grease and nicotine stains from woodwork in a short space of time.

 As part of the clean, consider cleaning any soft furnishings that you’ll retain.  Follow manufactures instructions on how to wash – many items will be able to be machine washed.  Once you have the laundry load in the machine, you can turn your hand to other aspects of the redecoration. 

 Move as many items out of the room as possible whilst you clean so you have a clear space you can easily move in.  This will also make it easier for you to paint walls without needing to cover excessive amount of furniture with dust sheets. 

Paint Walls

To refresh walls and add color, consider whether you’d like to paint the walls.  Paint, when applied with a high-quality roller, can transform a room quickly.  Opt for paint finishes that are one-coat only.  Many are fully dry within a few hours, meaning you will be able to start reassembling the room and adding furniture and accessories. 

Making Moves

Having painted, you can begin to start returning items to the room.  Be careful that you don’t knock into any surfaces that are still not yet fully dry.  Roll out any rugs that you are adding into the room and then add in furniture.  This a golden opportunity to make changes with the layout of the room and there are many great ways to do this.  Just because you always have had a given chair in a certain corner of the room does not mean you need to return it to the same spot.  Play around with moving items before settling on a layout that feels right.  Once you have the larger pieces of furniture in, you can begin to “dress” the room, adding in accessories.   Hang pictures, bring in the house plants, plump up cushions and install bulbs into light fittings.

So, with some pre-thought around design schemes and new accessories and fittings, you really can achieve a beautiful redesign and redecorate when time is tight.  Rather than wait until the “one day” in the future when you will renovate your space, consider how you can make changes that don’t eat into your precious time, leaving you plenty of chance to relax and enjoy the transformation.

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