How to Stash Your Most Fabulous Shoes With These Creative Tips



No matter who you are, your shoes are meant to serve a few purposes. Sure, they’re all about functionality, but they’re also fabulous outfit additions that top off any look — or, more accurately, give it a foundation.

 Whether you have the simple basics or you love to go all-out with a fabulous collection of footwear, you need somewhere great to store them. While some people are blessed with an expansive closet, others aren’t quite as lucky. But, regardless of the surface area you’re working with, you don’t have to toss out any of your shoes. In fact, there are so many creative and inventive ways to store your shoes that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Here are just a few ideas.


1. Take Advantage of Vertical Displays

 One of the best ways to add additional storage to any situation is to use the vertical space available rather than relying only on the horizontal space. Using hanging shoe racks or vertical shelving to stash out-of-season shoes can be a total game-changer.

 People often don’t think to make use of that kind of space, but you never know what it might bring. This organization tip can help you visually sort through your shoe collection so you never forget about that one pair of pumps that would perfectly complete your outfit.

2. Make Your Bedroom Work for You

 This tip requires that you take a look at your bedroom and your storage and see what unique qualities it has to offer. Walk-in closets will allow you a little more freedom in seeking out decorative shelving and displays for stellar shoes. Regular closets may require more creativity, with aforementioned vertical shoe organizers or bins for out-of-season shoes helping you out. If your bedroom is relatively small, you may want to kiss the dedicated bedroom goodbye and use more of its space for smart storage. Can you replace your bookshelf with cube storage that lets you sort shoes in decorative bins? Does underbed storage work to hold sneakers and flats?

 You may also wish to advance into uncharted corners. Many bedrooms may have free space here for a little decoration. After all, your shoes are gorgeous — why not display some of them out in the open? Installing corner wall shelves to display your fanciest shoes can provide extra storage while adding visual appeal.

3. Take Your Shoes Out of the Bedroom

 Why limit yourself? While American bedroom closets tend to store most of the shoes, that isn’t a hard-and-fast rule for home designers. Another great idea for storing shoes is to get creative with where they go.

 Storing your shoes in your entryway or even tucking them somewhere creative, like under the stairs, can clear up so much room and make things convenient for you to simply slip them on and walk out the door. Many homeowners even find dedicated shoe organizing racks, perhaps with a bench for seating, to be the perfect functional solution.

4. Disguise Your Shoes as Something Else

 Maybe you’ve flat out exhausted your shelving options. No worries — one clever way to store your shoes is to hide the fact that you’re storing them at all. Some renters and homeowners have stashed shoe collections in plush ottomans, creating foot rests or accessory seating that match the home design while freeing up space. You can also use fabric wall hangers to hold up shoes, then cover this display with a curtain so it doesn’t visually clutter the living space. Disguising your shoe displays can help you find room for fashion without sacrificing your carefully designed home. The combination of function and beauty makes these solutions perfect for the homeowner who doesn’t want to waste any item in their design plans.

Creative Ways to Stash Your Shoe Collection

 While each person has their own footwear needs, everybody has to have a place to put their shoes at the end of the day. So why not do it with style and efficiency?  We don’t invest in stylish footwear just to let it all sit in a pile in the back of our closets. Whether you choose to go for shelving or stacking, vertical or entryway displays, there are so many ways to store your fabulous footwear creatively.


 Evelyn Long is a Baltimore-based writer and the editor-in-chief of Renovated. She publishes home decor advice and product roundups for readers in spaces both big and small.


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