How to Stun with Your Style in Every Season In 2022

Looking your best isn’t always about following the coolest trends, mastering the most complicated style complications, or buying all your favorite pieces from your favorite stars and influencers. It doesn’t always require new pieces, either. Instead, think of creative combinations of your favorite capsule items and stunning staple accessories cleverly combined in new and creative ways.

 Think popular mainstays, such as go-to denim or effortless wardrobe essentials, like sleek coats, a matching lounge set, and your favorite mini dress. These pieces are staples in every wardrobe and can be styled as the seasons change, too. Keep reading for how to incorporate your wardrobe into every season with foundational items that you might already have in your closet.



As the weather warms, it can be tempting to throw your style out the door and simply opt for whatever keeps you cool—often an old t-shirt and a pair of your favorite denim shorts. While this might be a classic look, summer-style trends can still dazzle, and it’s easy to incorporate your favorite pieces from other seasons, too. One of our favorite summer looks is a dressed-up t-shirt with your favorite pair of tailored shorts. You’ll still stay comfortable and cool, but the tailored elements will work to accentuate your silhouette and make for a put-together look. Finish your style with your favorite accessories, like an on-trend baseball cap and chunky gold jewelry and earrings.

 Another summer style staple? Dressing up your favorite bikini or swimwear. Use your favorite one-piece as a bodysuit, or show a little more skin by pairing a classic triangle bikini top with an oversized blazer. Finish the look with a pair of loose-denim jeans and a pair of your favorite mules or summer-approved sandals.



Fall style trends are all about transitional looks, mixing and matching cozy knitwear with sleek, skin-baring pieces, or taking advantage of outerwear that can easily be slipped on and off as the weather changes. Whether your style leans more romantic, grunge, or anywhere in between, there are plenty of looks that can be made with existing looks in your closet. Set aside your favorite jeans, leather options, and accessories, too.

 Color plays an important role in fall fashion—think bold jewel tones or more muted, earthy tones like rust, burgundy, or a soft camel brown. Once you choose one or two colors to base your outfit around, the rest will easily fall into place. For a sophisticated look, try and create a matching color palette with your shoes, jewelry, and outerwear. If your style leans bolder, don’t be afraid to mix and match contrasting colors, like black and whites, for a fashionable look that will easily come together without having to try too hard.

 Fall is also a great time to mix textures you might already have in your closet. Think a sleek leather with a soft silk slip, or a ribbed knit sweater with suede pants or accents. It’s a great way to add personality without having to go out of your way to find trendy items for the season.


Many stray away from incorporating fashion into their winter outfits, citing freezing temperatures as the reason they might feel uninspired by their wardrobe. But colder temperatures don’t have to mean compromising your personal style along the way. Invest in a few winter staples, like a sophisticated coat and weather-appropriate boots that will let you stay stylish while still being functional, too.

 Take advantage of layering, too, and bring a bag that will give you a place to store your outerwear if you take it off for the train, tube, or bar. Keep to a minimal color palette and look for lightweight options that will keep you warm without sacrificing a sleek silhouette.


Similar to fall, keeping your style for spring is all about layering up and taking advantage of transitional pieces. Keep your wardrobe stacked with stylish denim, all-purpose bags, and simple blouses. Switch out your winter jackets for lighter options and add skirts and dresses back into your rotation. Keep things simple with sweet sets, or mix and match your favorite textures for a daring outfit that’s sure to turn heads. Add a stylish hat and tote bag to finish things off and pull your outfit together.


The benefit of having a capsule wardrobe is that you probably already have a defined color palette, which narrows your focus. For spring, focus on more pastel options and pair them with clean-looking white details. Try on your outfits beforehand to increase your confidence and make sure your outfits are as put-together as possible.

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