Interior Backgrounds and Details: Design Trends for 2013 and 2014

Interior Backgrounds and Details are key to successful interior design.  They are part of the ‘good bones’ of a space that support the furnishings and fabrics that are layer in later. Here are Beasley & Henley Interior Design’s top picks for 2013 and 2014. 

Silvio Juan Carlos Chandelier1. Decorative Lighting is Jewelry:. Chandeliers and sconces in great styles and finishes are available from a variety of vendors at all price points. There are no excuses for bad lighting or dated, underscale fixtures. Look out for lighting fixtures with bright colors, stone accents, oversized shades, industrial designs and bold, organic shapes.

 2. Brass is Back:  Brass has been on the outs for years, but it is making a come back this year and for the foreseeable futures. Fittings for plumbing and lighting, door hardware, and accents on furniture pieces are being shown in brass and they look great.

 lacquered cocktail table3. Lacquer:  Wall and ceiling lacquers have been popular for years, but look for lacquer finishes on furniture pieces such as tables, chairs and cabinets.

 4. Tiles go Big. Large format stone and tile flooring are seen in 18×36 and even 36×36. These sizes are new, but we expect them to catch on fast.

5. Cashmere Paint.  This washable paint by Sherwin Williams is a flat paint with a slight sheen, that falls between flat and eggshell.  This washable paint provides a soft look and allows for easy touch ups.


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