Interior Design Flexes Its Muscle at The Wind Dyed House

Japanese architect Kazuhiko Kishimoto, of architecture firm acaa, designed the Wind-Dyed House overlooking the ocean on a cliff in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan. The structure becomes almost embedded in the terrain because of the low-lying nature of the house, which also allows for the least amount of impact on the environment.Each floor is composed of different materials to allow the residents a different view to the outside.Stone floors and plaster-coated concrete walls on the first floor are juxtaposed with the soft shadows created by the outside landscape through the paper screens. The open concept living space of the second floor is vastly different with its ability to open up completely to the outdoors with sliding glass doors. To maximize the ocean views, glass and slotted screens along the perimeter of the top floor of the house give a sense of transparency.


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