Interior Design, The Icon, The Wrap Dress & The Woman Behind It All


She’s Legendary, Glamorous, & Fearless.. She’s Diane von Furstenberg.

A former Princess Diane of Furstenberg, Diane has always wanted to become someone of her own. With her Grace Kelly good looks she was certainly had the most photographed cheekbones in the 1970’s. She launched her fashion company DvF , in 1997 with the reintroduction of her famous wrap dress. The DvF line has proven it’s stain ability and is currently being sold in 70 countries and 45 free-standing shops world wide.Diane von Furstenberg’s famous knitted wrap dress was introduced in 1972. The light weight jersey material is not only figure flattering, but very forgiving. They became easy to wear for traveling and stylish for work. They replaced the constricting pantsuits, making women feel liberated. “Women today want versatile, simple, classic comfortable, slimming clothing”, she has told the Los Angeles Times. With hard work and dedication she had become the most marketable woman since Coco Chanel.Photo: Von Furstenburg effortlessly broadened her brand to home design. In 2014 she collaborated with Kravet  and designed home fabrics. Like her dress line her home fabrics are soft and bold. The bold prints, are unapologetic and not for the fearful. They are bold and full of expression. The collection exudes her fabulous sense for print & color plus her venturesome appetite for mixing unexpected patterns.  fabric final 

The softer line is continues to show style and beauty. Diane’s sand and stone designswere inspired by the desert. The floral designs show Von Furstenberg’s sense offemininity and grace. Her angelic side comes to life in the fabrics. They make stunning window treatments andbreath life into upholstered furniture.

I believe Diane’s line of fabrics at Kravet are both bold and calming. I can see incorporating her line into our urban, more modern commercial spaces. The softer lines can be beautifully  intertwined into our residential clients homes, as well. Diane makes it easy to create custom drapery, pillows, bedding and furniture with these new designs.

Luxury meets sophistication within the eyes of a style icon. Thank you Diane Von Furstenberg!

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