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Did you know tile has the ability to make you feel welcomed, calm, safe, luxurious and captivated? Did you know tile has been made by man for over 4000 years?Beautiful tiled surfaces have been found in the oldest pyramids and ancient ruins ofGreek cities. It’s a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such as glass, metal, stone, metal or ceramic.  I love to see tile on unexpected places. Tile can transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary, with careful placement and thought. Shape, color, texture and patterns all play a significant role in the design process.

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Mosaic tiles can be highly customizable and the tile options are endless. A few of my favorites are glass, natural stone, unglazed porcelain and prism glass. I love to see elaborate mosaic tiles used in bathrooms. They immediately bring the room  to life. This design idea can withstand the test of time, in both practicality and style. They make their own statement, they are a one man show. Their charm and presence can impress any homebuyer.  I enjoy looking at the reflective light properties of the glass mosaics.

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Clay tile roofs are strong and durable. I love how it gives an  aesthetic appeal to French Provincial, Spanish or American Colonial style of homes. Clay tiled roofs evoke a feeling of craftsmanship. Their ability to withstand the test of time with a little tender loving care,  is appealing to me. Clay tiles contain excellent insulating properties and on top of it all, did you know they are fireproof?

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With all the tile choices out there you can create a multitude of looks. I think the interlocking patio tiles by Ezy are great! You don’t have the hassle of laying tiles the traditional way. You just clip the tiles together, automatically guaranteeing precise spacing, perfect alignment and securely locked in position.

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Well, if I can’t go to the spa everyday I can replicate the feeling at home. Hand me a cup of warm tea, wrap myself in a fluffy white robe and I’m there. Just thinking about New Ravana’s latest series of outdoor flooring brings me into a state of tranquility. The 33” x 33” tiles resemble smooth, natural pebbles with the help of the latest inkjet digital technology.


My patio is an instrumental part of my home. It’s a place where I enjoy my morning cup of coffee.  It’s my sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I don’t think your outdoor space should be an afterthought. Its significance boarders my indoor décor. My outdoor space adds comfort, beauty and value to my home.


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