Irresistible Home Decor Trends For Fall

As the weather gets a little frigid, and your floral swimsuits are neatly tucked away, we will talk about this seasons emerging design trends. You’ll see the ever evolving trends in home decor from season to season and there is no escaping them. Whether you feel totally unaffected or you live by them, we would love to give you a little insight on what’s to come this Fall. We see the unavailing of a little luxury, rich hues of brown and navy, texture and organic nature that revolves around nourishing a toasty living environment. I know that changing your decor from season to season can be costly, so it’s my job to make it worth your while! Below you will find a few ways to make your home feel a little new again when a large design overhaul is just not possible. Sometimes adding a few key pieces can keep your home design on trend! Reach for your pumpkin latte, grab a warm blanket and imagine all the possibilities!

Layer For Comfort & Texture

Transform your living space into a something cozy and warm. A couple of ways to do this is by adding a throw to a chair or bed,  a cowhide rug, fuzzy ottomans, and throw pillows with a lot of texture!

Brown Is The New Black

In 2018, we welcome all shades of brown into our homes. It will add a handsome touch of elegance with certainty.  The beautiful thing about the color brown is that it is neutral and will go with just about anything. It gives a room a well loved appearance and a kiss of warm affection. 

Navy Blue

The color navy blue is going to be hot this Fall season! This classic beauty is so versatile! It can be used both as a accent or neutral backdrop to gold or silver. I love that it can play as a safe haven for the ones less risky in their color choices while adding a bit of intensity and style.  Like the popular brown color it can be paired with almost any color. Here are a few ways you can incorporate navy into your decor for fall!

Your coffee tables, accent wall, throw pillows, artwork and accessories! 

Bringing The Outdoors In With Lighting

We say go big or go home when it comes to your lighting choices. Choose a fixture that allows a little of the outdoors into your home. A punctuated source of light that says welcome to Fall!


Velvet, known for its physical properties and stunning looks. Its natural sheen and durability, has made velvet a choice for designers. This gorgeous textile works well with many silhouettes. It works beautifully with tufting, modern shapes and embellishes more streamline pieces. Interchangeable for luxury and appeal, its beauty has once again caught our attention. Below you will find a few ways we incorporated velvet into our clients seating. 

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