Luxury: What inspires an interior designer to design high end home.


Inspire Me

 Where does my inspiration come from? What gets the creative juices flowing? My inspirations evolve, transform, and circulate through my mind. Inspiration doesn’t always come in expected ways. It can ignite from an experience or gift. They can be dramatic, sweet, artistic, luxurious,  whimsical, and luxurious.  They are in unexpected places that may trigger the fire within me.  The fire that brings my client’s dream home to fruition. It’s integral to have conversations with our clients that reveal elements of their lives. These conversations inform our design decisions. A happy client makes for a happy life, in my world.

 Colorful doors of Malta inspire me. They tell a story on their own. They leave me wondering who lives behind the tall, ornate statuesque figures. The colors speak for themselves and I am inspired to incorporate them into the interiors of homes as well. I can see a pop of color used on an accent wall, occasional chairs, a throw blanket, or pillow. I can see incorporating a bright color in the artwork as well. That prefect punch of color can adds character  to a room’s aesthetics. The aesthetics that are an extension on my experiences.


The color blue represents abundance and prosperity. It is said to be a great Feng Shui color, as well. With all the variations of blue out there, there may be one that strikes a cord within you.

A red door means welcome in old early American tradition. I love the vibrancy of this color. It’s a statement all on its own.  I compare it to a neck tie. It’s not the largest clothing piece you have on, but a red tie is a reaffirmation of strength. The color red catches our eye and keeps us focused on the beholder of the home.


The beach has been an inspiration of mine for a long time. Our design work in Florida has allowed this inspiration to prosper. The sand’s soft tones and variety of hues are replicated in my designs. The neutral pallet speaks of calmness and peacefulness. Shades of cream and tan elevate the home to a welcoming and inviting level. The soft tones say luxury and are timeless as Grace Kelly’s beauty.

 inspiration model home sandPowerPoint Presentation

Artwork inspires me in many ways, they are trampolines for great ideas.  It speaks to me in words sometimes I can only hear. It is used to make a statement and a platform for design.  I have been inspired by contemporary, classical, pop, realism and impressionistic paintings. One piece of artwork can be the inspiration for the whole room, stirring  the creative process.  They are canvases for creative ideas that can set the tone for the space.  The femininity of a painting can inspire a designer to create soft lines within the space. Pop art may inspire 60’s style furniture. I may use egg armchairs or minimalist sofas that share the space with pop art.




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