Mismatched Dining Room Has Great Appeal

Debunking a common myth… that a dining set has to match!Grandma’s dining set probably matched, but yours doesn’t have to!  Excitement comes from the unexpected.  Don’t be afraid to do this with your own décor. If you’re planning on renovating your kitchen table/dining table, have some fun and mix things up! Pair your beautiful rich wooden table with stark white Eero Saarinen Tulip chairs for great contrast of color, texture and style. Or have a little more fun and with a few mismatched chairs to complement your table. Create unity out of this seemingly chaotic concept by sticking to a few guidelines. Choose a simple color palette that’s in the same family but doesn’t match (Yellows and Greens for example). Don’t be afraid to play with pattern, scale and use of geometric prints in your fabric and be open to use of different styles.  Trust your creativity! 

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