Modern Fireplace Design Ideas by Elena Colombo

Gone are the days of the classical hearth (well, they’re still around for the traditionalists out there) but welcome to the world of awesome fire features, with these modern fireplace design ideas by Elena Colombo. Offering heat and ambiance with a contemporary twist, these fireplace designs are hot. (Pun intended.)

The Flaming Seance Table is a great piece for any living room. This fireplace is inset in a stainless steel oval table, which is suspended from the ceiling. Encircling the table, “bowl” impressions add a nice touch. Complete the setting with some cool chairs or stools. This fireplace comes in any size and in a variety of materials.modern-fireplace-designs-ideas-elena-colombo-2.jpgFire Cage makes a great addition to any modern home. This fireplace features a cage of stainless steel rods, curved to form its spherical enclosure. At its base, the flickering flame rises from a pile of chrome orbs, offering an artistic edge.modern-fireplace-designs-ideas-elena-colombo-3.jpgThe Fire Bridge is a cool curve of corten steel, measuring 30 ft. tall and 75 ft. long. A line of fire follows the curve, making a fabulous focal point.modern-fireplace-designs-ideas-elena-colombo-4.jpgAnother modern design is the Fire Stack fireplace. This sculptural fireplace features a funnel of rolled and stacked stainless steel with the fire pit at its base and loose stones scattered about. It’s available in any material and in custom sizes to suit any space.modern-fireplace-designs-ideas-elena-colombo-5.jpgWe also love the Lotus Bowl fireplace, which is a florally inspired fire pit with rolled stainless steel petals encircling the flame. This romantic yet contemporary fireplace is also available in custom sizes to suit any space.  These can be composed of a wide range of materials.

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