Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Home Decor Enthusiasts

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate and show your appreciation for everything your mom has done for you. Maybe it was all the fun birthday parties she threw, the late-night snuggles or impromptu girls-only shopping sprees. While we can and should celebrate our mothers year-round, this one day is devoted especially to them.

 According to the Society of American Florists, about 26% of flower sales occur on Mother’s Day annually, making it the third-ranking holiday to buy blooms. Flowers are always thoughtful and well-received. However, you may want to complement your mom’s home with some new decor this year.

 You know your mom’s style and decorative tastes best, so consider one of these excellent gift ideas.

1.   Gifts for Entertaining

Moms are masterful entertainers, always going out of their way to make friends, family and neighbors feel welcome and comfortable. Since May marks the start of warmer weather, perhaps new cushions for her outdoor patio set are in the cards.

 Of course, you wouldn’t want to forget the essentials for outdoor entertainment — food and drinks. Purchase some colored glassware or a unique, wood-crafted charcuterie board for your mom to arrange her delectable creations.

 Does she enjoy baking? Maybe purchase a pretty cake or cupcake stand, tea set or serving dishes for her next backyard party.

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2.   DIY Gifts

Remember when you were in elementary school and used to make your mom handmade Mother’s Day cards? Give her the ultimate throwback with a DIY present this year.

 Decoupage a tray with a photo collage of her favorite people. You might also decide to work with an artist to create a poster of her family tree or have a heritage recipe printed on a dishtowel.

Personalize flowerpots by painting them in her favorite color or pattern and write home-related or maternal quotes on the side. She’ll love using them for indoor plants where everyone will stop to look.

 You could also refurbish an old piece of furniture that she loves and give it a fresh stain or coat of paint. Add a beautiful pattern or colorful drawer liner to really make the piece sparkle.

Personalize Flower Pots


Personalize Flower Pots


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3.   Artwork Gifts

Artwork is always a nice gift for Mother’s Day. Does your mom have a favorite local artist? If so, see if you can commission a unique piece for her.

 Otherwise, does she have a living room bookcase you can spruce up with unique novelty items or pictures? Is there a particular wall you think a beautiful canvas or photo collage would fit perfectly?

 Maybe an artistic mirror or metal art piece would look great in the foyer when people first walk in. Buying artwork for Mother’s Day will give her something to show off to friends.

4.   Gifts for the at-Home Chef

Many people think back on their childhood and remember a dish only their moms could perfect. This Mother’s Day, give your mom a meaningful gift that won’t become clutter later on.

 Has your mom often been referred to as an at-home gourmet chef? If she enjoys spending time in the kitchen, consider the following gift ideas:


●        Sharpened knife set

●        New blender

●        Bread maker

●        Espresso maker

●        Recipe book stand

●        Variety of cookbooks

●        Stone cookware, such as Le Creuset

●        Countertop garden to grow her own herbs in the kitchen

 Whatever kitchen gift you decide to give her, she’s bound to love using it to whip up her favorite recipes.

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5.   Bathroom Gifts

According to the 2021 U.S. Houzz and Home Study report, guest and master suite bathrooms accounted for 24% and 20% of home projects, respectively. Whether you gift your mom with a brand new bathroom renovation or deliver a whole new look with decorative items, you can help create a breathtaking spa-like atmosphere for your mom to relax in.

 Consider a new towel set, throw rugs or bathroom accessories for her vanity countertops. Better yet, maybe she needs a new chair to sit on while getting ready in the morning.

 Does your mom enjoy baths? Nothing says “retreat” more than a gift set with bubble bath soap, a caddy, a spa candle and an exfoliating dry brush.

6.   Gifts for the Gardener

Let’s not forget about the outdoors. Many moms have a green thumb, so why not purchase a gift for her to decorate her garden with? There are many options to choose from, including:


●        Hummingbird feeder

●        Modern planters

●        Outdoor fire pit

●        Garden kneeler and seat

●        Colorful wind spinner

●        Storage caddy with wheels to transport her gardening tools 

●        Personalized garden stones

 Your mom will appreciate sitting back to watch the hummingbirds, getting warm next to a fire during cooler evenings or admiring her colorful new spinner.

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More Tips for Mother’s Day Gift Shopping

Mother’s Day calls for personalization, so we hope the ideas we shared have helped you think through options for your decor-loving parent and come up with a creative, thoughtful gift. If you’re still stewing, consider the following tips for finding the right item, too.

 ●        Use online shopping best practices. You can find so many unique, fun home decor gifts online — but if a price seems too-good-to-be-true or you’re questioning an item’s quality, do your due diligence. Many online sellers are competing for your attention, but customer reviews, listed store policies and social media can all help you find a trustworthy seller.

Scope out your mom’s home. Haven’t visited your parent in a while? When looking for a home decor gift, it’s most helpful if you’re able to determine a) your mom’s current style and b) whether she already has the item you have in mind. Do●        Doing a little reconnaissance can make all the difference in picking a memorable gift.

●        For the mom who has everything, consider an experience instead. Home-decor loving parents can be inspired by more than material goods. If your mom is full-up on trinkets, consider online or in-person classes and experiences instead. Painting, candle-making and other crafting events are special gifts that let your loved one decorate their home with something truly treasured.

Home Decor Gifts Your Mom Will Love

Show your mom some extra love this Mother’s Day with these special home decor gift ideas. Whether she’s looking for something to add to the space or needs your help redecorating a room, there are many ways to spruce up your mom’s home and turn it into something spectacular.




 Evelyn Long is a Baltimore-based writer and the editor-in-chief of Renovated. She publishes home decor advice and product roundups for readers in spaces both big and small.

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