Pantone in the Spring- Hot colors trends for interior design

Dazzling Blue!unnamed

Spring is just around the corner.  In Florida however it seems as if we can’t decide whether it is in fact Spring  yet with all this unpredictable cold weather!”Dazzling Blue” is the hot color trend for Spring 2014.  This color prediction (which has been predicted for some time) helps Fashion designers, Florists and Interior Designers alike guide their designs and planning for future products.  If you haven’t already, you’ll be seeing a lot more Blue hues in designs from the runway to the living room.

Blue and Grey 

unnamed-1                       (Image:

Blue and Grey together might sound a bit drab at first, but once you see them put together as successfully as this, you’re bound to have a new favorite color interior design combination!

Blue, Yellow and B&W

Yellow of course looks great against this shade of blue as they are complementary colors.  A pop of yellow enhances the richness of the blue wall.  Notice how black and white work well in tying the room together.

Blue and Black

And here we have an image of inspiration straight from the runway of Michael Kors! I love seeing how fashion and interior design can go hand in hand with inspiration.

Blue & Brass

Struggling with what accessories to pair with Dazzling Blue? Brass is a great choice because of its different Gold/Yellow tones.    Don’t be afraid to mix and match the brass accessories, each has its own unique look which allows them to blend together in unison.

Now go have some design fun and dazzle your home with blue!

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