Porsche Headquarters Contemporary Design

Contemporary design is front and center in these renderings of Porsche‘s North American headquarters to be built in Atlanta, Georgia. Though we have interstates in the U.S. instead of the Autobahn, you gotta love a Porsche. The speed, handling, and design have long drawn the admiration of car-crazed America. Porsche returns the love by building a new headquarters for Porsche Cars North America in its current base of Atlanta.HOK, which captured the commission, is not planning any old rigamarole design. After all, this is Porsche. Rather, the contemporary design behemoth will construct a 200,000-square-foot complex, which will be the centerpiece of a 26-acre aerotropolis near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. (For the record, an aerotropolis is an urban plan designed around an airport, often composed of office parks, hotels, and cargo holdings, which is just as accessible to commuters half way around the world as it is to those living within a few miles.)

 Porsche Headquarters images courtesy of HOK.Beasley & Henley Interior Design

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