Quarantine At Home? A Secret To Keep Your Spirits Up During This Time


Indoor plants have a variety of positive effects on us. They purify the air, increase creativity and boost our moods. Plus, they liven up any space and add texture and color. Whatever design style your home is, there are plants that fit right in. Whether you live in a loft or a farmhouse, plants give your space the little something extra that you’ve been missing. 


If the only plant you’ve ever kept alive is fake, don’t get discouraged — there are many houseplants that don’t require too much attention and will survive even if you forget to water them for a few days or weeks. Try a snake plant, as it only needs water every two to eight weeks or a dracaena that is almost as forgiving and can go without water for up to two weeks. Both of these plants are beautiful additions to your home office because they won’t distract you with needing care while you are working.


If you consider yourself a little bit of a green thumb, you should have no issues becoming a plant parent to a fiddle leaf fig or a ming aralia. These beautiful plants may be a bit temperamental but once they reach a certain height you will feel very accomplished having nurtured them so well. These plants look great next to a couch and will make you feel like you’re living in your personal oasis.


To help you find plants that fit your personal taste and level of a green thumb, FTD has created seven moodboards for different design styles, rooms, and occasions. Plant some peace in your home by finding the right size plant for every spot in your house. You will feel the atmosphere improving immediately once you add some greenery to your space.


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