Ready-Made Curtains: So Versatile Window Treatment

curtains damaskBy using window treatments, such as full length curtains, it should be relatively easy to create atmosphere in your dining room. When opened with coloured rope or classy beaded tiebacks, full-length curtains add a certain sense of grace and style to a room.

Curtains for Bay Windows

Jacquard or damask curtains can achieve a look of sophistication and elegance. These fabrics offer a medium weight, along with the range of colours and patterns. Curtains are available with deep headings as they produce some very beautiful pleats and subtle folds. There are also curtains designed specifically for bay windows, such as eyelet curtains. These are very economical but very trendy.The drape and fall of the curtain is also important to the look of window dressings. Through the use of different curtain tracks  or poles, several styles can be achieved. Bay window poles are made to fit the size and shape of the windows, and they are best used with light or medium-weight curtains. For heavier curtains, traditional curtain tracks are better, allowing curtains to be drawn or opened with little effort.

Curtain Styles to Fit Your Furniture

For rooms featuring dark furniture, long curtains in darker colours work best. They provide a sense of warmth on cold evenings and create a cosy atmosphere in traditional-style homes. You can fit them with a pellet and tiebacks that match. This kind of curtain looks very refined and classical.If you’re trying to enhance pale dining room furniture, use cream-coloured curtains with boldly contrasted edges of faux suede and within the pelmet. For small dining rooms, pastel-coloured ready-made curtains can set the proper tone of sophistication.

Floral Curtains

To bring a feeling of freshness and friendliness into a dining room, florals in either modern or traditional styles are an interesting choice. Curtains featuring pale background colours with flowers or blooms look very lavish in larger bay windows.

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones are perfect for contemporary interior design styles, especially in corded or faux-suede fabrics. These types of fabrics and tones coordinate very well with modern styled furniture and compliment less formal lifestyles very well. Faux suede is very soft to touch. The curtains can be hung on pleated headings, or they can be used with curtain rings and poles and finished with beaded tiebacks for a very smart look.Adding lining to curtains will help them hang better, provides heat insulation, and reduces the risk of fading.

Ready-Made Curtains: Versatile

One of the greatest advantages that comes with ready-made curtains is the availability of so many sizes and colours. The textures vary widely to compliment the many differing home interior and design styles. They can be used alone, or they can be used with blinds or other window accessories to provide some privacy and control the amount of light that is let in.

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