Scientific Proofs

There are plenty of reasons to hire a great interior design team to sort out the look of your home. It impresses your friends, makes you feel proud, expresses your personal tastes, and can knock considerable amounts of money off the running costs of your home. However, scientists are increasingly coming to realize what those of us with a yen for a great-looking living space have known all along: a well-designed interior really can have a tangible effect upon one’s state of mind. This is being brought to bear within our national infrastructure – facilities which have previously been designed along purely functional lines are being redesigned in order to have certain psychological effects upon those inhabiting them. Hospitals, for example, are being decorated with a view to the mental health and wellbeing (and thus the enhanced recovery time) of their patients. Even jails and police stations are being given makeovers designed to reduce violent or harmful incidents – and they’re experiencing incredible successes.

BLOG: By Anne Porter

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