Spend More Time Outdoors With These Amazing Loungers!

A summer’s day is like a canopy of fiery blue above the marbled sunlight of emerald grass. It’s a season where we spend more time outdoors. I always rejoice in summers unique ability to rejuvenate and breathe life into our tedious daily routines we have grown accustomed to. Our everyday life doesn’t allow for monthly vacations, well at least mine doesn’t,  so the thought of exceptional outdoor loungers have peeked my interest. When I think of organic, innovative and highly functional loungers that bring you to your favorite summertime  vacation destination, I think of Dedon. Their aesthetically pleasing, weather resistant outdoor furniture pieces are perfectly tailored to the look and feel of luxury. Their captivating appeal  brings warmth to any outdoor space. I’m a fan of all their pieces, but I’d like to highlight a few of my favorite.d2The hanging pod was named Nestrest by its innovator creators, Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety. The suspended lounger instantly creates a haven of reflection and relaxation. With a gentle rock, this architectural piece of art brings a warm breeze of ease we all crave. Similar to how birds nests are built, these large bird houses take the cake.d1The Dala lounger designed by Stephen Burks has a power-coated frame of expanded aluminum mesh. Mr. Burks has been quoted for saying “If design is your passion it flows through everything you do”. I couldn’t agree with him more. Not only beautifully crafted the Dala lounger can be transported easily due to its lightweight construction. Better yet, the interlocking ribbons  are made of 60 percent recycled food and drink packaging materials!d6This whimsical basket like bed is called Swingrest, designed by Daniel Pouzet. Its purity and simplicity allows this ultimate hanging lounger to be the perfect addition to your terrace or veranda. I can see ending a long days work in one of these generously proportioned loungers. I can see it taking me to a place of relaxation and comfort the moment my head hits the pillow.       

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