Spooky Home Decorating TipsTrend experts say that the top Halloween theme this year will be ‘industrial chic’, which makes use of neutral tones and concrete. But whether you like to jump on the latest bandwagon or stay with your own style, decorating can be a challenge. For most people, the goal is to achieve the right balance between “scary” and “fun”. To help you out, we’ve lined up some tips to level up your Halloween home decorating chops!Put a twist into your everyday items(Source: Pixabay)Life-sized skeletons and cobwebs amp up the creepiness factor, but they are also easy to overdo. Why not think of ways to put a scary twist on common household items? You can buy a few pairs of Halloween-themed utensils to replace your spoons and knives, or even decorate them yourself. As for the dining table, you can put a cheap white cloth and form blood spatter patterns by staining it with red food coloring. You can also check out Beasley and Henley’s previous post on Halloween dining table decor for other creative ideas.In the bedroom, create Halloween-themed lampshades by replacing the usual yellow light bulbs with creepy red ones. You can even do the same in your bathroom by carving out skull-shaped soap bars. The possibilities are endless!Work on a special centerpiece(Source: Pixabay)In the Yuletide season, the centerpiece is the Christmas tree. You can also do the same during Halloween, and have a big lantern as the focal point in your living room. Having a centerpiece can set the spooky mood in your entire house and make other decor stand out more.Add creative accent pieces(Source: Pixabay)The next step is to complement your centerpiece with accent items. But instead of sticking to the usual Halloween pumpkin, try hand-painted eyeballs or Kidspot’s severed finger biscuits. These can be put in jars and placed in different parts of the house.Don’t forget your front porch/door(Source: Pixabay)Trick-or-treaters are more likely to visit your house if your front porch has inviting Halloween decorations. You can go for something crazy like witch hats that are suspended using nylon strings to make them “float”, or perhaps a simple a spider garland on your gate. If you’re living in a condo, a Halloween-themed doormat can also do the job. Hanging Jason Vorhees’ mask from Halloween, or a print of Dracula’s face, bat, or skull on your door is not a bad idea either.A couple of reminders though: Putting up decor can be trickier if you are living in a rented apartment or a co-op. A post by Yoreevo about co-op apartments indicates that these units have similarities with condos. Most co-ops and condos have some form of restriction on modifying your unit. Landlords Tips shares that while policies can vary from building to building, special clauses are usually added to lease contracts regarding painting, decorating, and other similar matters. It is best to check with the landlord, especially if you’ve been residing in the unit for a considerable amount of time just to find out if they will permit any modifications, no matter how minor they seem.Another important thing to consider is reusability. It is best to go for items that you can simply spice up and use next Halloween to save money. Lifestyle writer Sohia Bennett shared some ideas on recycling Halloween decor, which you may apply when preparing your pieces. And even if you don’t have extra storage space after the holiday, you can sell or give your items away! Written By Guest Blogger-Marjorie RossiOutreach Executivewww(dot)letsgetwise(dot)com

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