Spring 2016 Color Report- Pantone Color Of The Year

Harmonious and softly mindful are Pantone’s colors of the year: Rose Quartz & Serenity.  Their gorgeous pairing bring a refreshing feel to one’s home and I feel it’s a nice departure from last years rich color, Marsala. They dance to a song of equality and peace. A beautiful story of well being can be told with these calming colors, in this uncertain world. Rose Quartz & Serenity give off a hint of whimsy. A magical being of sorts, created from sweetness and fairy tales. I see these colors working seamlessly not only in home decor, but in fashion and beauty products as well.


I love the color blue! It’s been my favorite color from the moment I could feel the beauty in colors.  I love the blue of Key West, hydrangea blooms and my favorite blue jumpsuit with golden zipper details . I think of all that’s good in the world when I think of the color blue. It brings a sense of peace and serenity to a mind that stays in constant motion. Pantone’s light blue is like a cashmere blanket on a Fall’s day. It can bring warmth and serenity to a space with its appearance. Once you acknowledge this pretty shade in a space you can truly appreciate its beauty. Pink and blue  Pink Blue Breakfast-area Pink Blue wall color By: Surya By Surya 

Rose Quartz

The color pink reminds me of sweet lullabies, cotton candy and pink lip gloss. It’s an antidote to the stresses of life. I can see this compassionate color being used in a nursery a serene painting or a few well played accessories . Airy and light, I can see Rose Quartz in both modern or glamours spaces.  Appealing in many finishes this relaxing color can be surprisingly sophisticated and livable. I can see Rose Quartz paired with many colors. I can see it paired with cream, black, gray, teal, burgundy, taup or shade of metallic. Pink Living Kitchen 2

The occasional chairs are adorned in a rose quartz fabric. The designer at Beasley & Henley Interior Design incorporated serenity into the stripe of the drapes.


Rose Quartz Wall Paint

Bedding: Surya Melissa MLS-1000    

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