Stylish Humidifiers – Who Knew?

As Interior Designers, we are interested in many aspects of design, especially when it involved bettering our daily lives. I’ve come across some pretty incredible innovative humidifiers for the home recently and had to share!  I love a good product that is as visually appealing as it is resourceful.

 Chikuno Cube House

Is a natural air purifier made from bamboo charcoal and clay materials.   Its micro-honeycomb structure helps amplify the surface area making this small cube able absorb odors in an enclosed space up to 17 square feet.  This Japanese purifier measures only 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″!


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Luma Comfort

Can you guess which item in the picture is a humidifier?  Its modern vase design will compliment an array of styles in the home and blend in with other decor.  This humidifier is perfect for people with chapped lips, dry skin and other symptoms related to dry air.  No one will ever know it’s cleaning the very air they are breathing!

Middle Colors Humidifier 

Here’s another humidifier, very different in appearance, by yet another Japanese designer.  Mimicking a vase, this humidifier combines convenience, comfort and style in one.  Unlike the last humidifier, this one features an aroma-therapy function.  Simply add your favorite scented oils and the humidifier automatically fills the room with a relaxing, comforting mist.  Available in a multitude of colors, you might end up having one in every room of the house!31TUmkjjy8L(Image info:

Misty Garden Aroma Humidifier

I had to double check if this was really a humidifier at first glance.  How cool is this?  The Misty Garden is a silent humidifier the puts moisture and aroma into the air.  The ecological anti-bacterial filter is shaped like a bed of flowers that need to be watered for moisture to be added to the air.  This creates zero noise and requires no power!  All while looking stylish and cleaning the air in your home, office or wherever you choose!


(Image info:

      Which of these would you display in your home?!

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