Surprising Ways Mirrors Can Transform Your Home

Mirror mirror on the wall, are you the great illusionists of them all? Do you have the unique ability to bring about emotions from your viewers, your owners, your welcomed guests? If I was a beautiful mirror, hung in a home, in that idyllic place I would have to say yes. I would say yes to my ability to trick the eye into believing a room is larger than it is. I’d say yes to my ability to subtly enhance a room while giving it dimension and yes to my ability to become a piece of art that brings about emotion to those who admire me. They have a voice in your home and if you listen ever so carefully you can hear them. “Hello there beautiful, it’s a glorious day, go ahead and take a peek, surround me with light and see what I can do.”

A mirror’s ability to transform a room or become a piece of art is unquestionably realistic with scrupulous placement and thought. They are an important design element and should be showcased thoughtfully throughout your home. I’ve enjoyed placing mirrors near a window or light fixture, giving it the ability to bounce light around a room. Whatever the mirror reflects will be doubled, so be careful. For example, if you have one in your office space make sure it reflects something of beauty not a stack of bills on your desk.

In tight spaces the room expands with the placement of a floor mirror. I love how it creates an illusion of additional square footage. Who wouldn’t love to have more square footage? For instance, a cramped entry way where it’s dark. Adding a mirror there with give off a feeling of expansiveness that will translate into feeling of space and welcome.

I believe in the power of mirrors and I’ve enjoyed seeing their value in our client’s homes. Not only are they functional, but are aesthetically pleasing as well. Here are a few of my recent mirror installations and I hope they help you to decorate your home in an inspiring way.

 mirror6Mirror7Mirror 1Mirror8mirror2

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