Tassel Your Way Over To A Field Of Pom Pom Fringe


Oh pretty tassels and fringe where have you been? I must admit I’ve missed you and its has been a pleasure see you dancing your way along the pillows edge and braiding you way up upholstery. The tide has turned in favor of these dangling embellishments. You are no longer my grandmother’s cup to tea, but a more vibrant, youthful and playful version of yourselves. You are a trend that emerges from the banks of design and I must confess, I’m always happy you do. From pom poms hanging from a bench, to a fringe adorned pouf, to tassels on jewelry these three embellishments are all the rage. Their fun whimsical ways can bring a little excitement to your decor. Flirting their way into your homes in the most fashionable way.

I like to use tassels to bring in accent colors to a space and particularly  love how they use their charm to become the focal point. Tassels can be tiebacks to stylize traditional curtains or be used as exotic accouterments that can lead a bohemian quality to a piece of jewelry or home accessory.


Fringe was once considered over the top and old fashion. Today it’s nothing but. I have incorporated fringe or even the look of fringe to add a little pizzazz to a room. It can be ultra chic and feel quite modern when used correctly. Remember to keep the visual weight of the fringe in balance with its fabric host. For example a heavy bullion fringe will not carry the weight of a sheer swag.

When it come to fringe I receive the age old question “how much is too much?” If you purchased that quintessential fringed ottoman you’ve had your eyes on, you may think twice before adding a fringed sofa to the mix.  If the thought of a fringed piece of furniture scares you, go ahead and add some accessories. You won’t be sorry about adding a fringed throw, table runner or area rug.


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