The 2015’s Home Decor Trend We Cannot Get Enough Of

Brass, gold and copper have been steadily creeping into our homes for sometime now and we are loving it! Metals are in all places, from wallpaper to flooring,  furniture and accessories. Using metal is hardly a new concept. Our early ancestors discovered that copper was impressionable and could be fashioned into weapons, tools, ornaments. They discovered metal was easier to manipulate than stone, thus  changed humanity forever. It was the first step out of the Stone Age into the Bronze and Iron Ages.

Should you run out and replace all your home’s hardware to brass? Should every piece of furniture have a metal element to it? An overflow of metal’s can give off a super-rich ostentatious look. I’m not sure that’s necessarily the answer for all, but a subtle introduction can be the ticket. Metal finishes are obtainable for additional materials such as wood. The mixture of the two makes the appearance of metal achievable, without the additional cost.  If you fall head over heals with a metal accessory, cabinet pull,  light fixture or piece of furniture, I say have fun and go for it! Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Blending metals like brass, chrome and gold is an expanding trend. The warmth of metals like bronze and gold have shifted from silver over the past years.

If your looking for ways to incorporate metal into your own home décor while keeping the look modernistic and fresh? From accessories to furniture, here are a few of my favorites.

  Photo: Golden Leaf Sculptures by the John-Richard Collection   Aerin- Chocolate Shagreen Butler Tray & Stand Photo Courtesy Of: Brass Dog Bookends by: Regina Andrew Photo courtesy of: robert-abbey-juliet-wall-sconce_im_395  Coffee Tables by Mathew Shively Photo courtesy of: Table Lamp Photo courtesy of: Table Lamp Photo courtesy of: Anthropologie Pencil Holder      

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