The Best Nursery Design Trends for 2022

One of the most enjoyable parts of your pregnancy is decorating the nursery. It’s like all those times you played house as a child, only on a grownup scale. What will you create?

 There are endless ideas, but what’s in style these days? Here are eight of the best nursery design trends for 2022.

1. The Theme’s the Thing

Some things never go out of style – like selecting a unifying theme for your baby’s room. Gender-neutral designs are currently on-trend for parents who want to break away from the classic pink or blue, which opens up some fun options. You can coordinate your nursery colors and decor with the rest of your home’s decor while adding a touch of whimsy. The choice is yours.

 Part of the reason gender-neutral themes are so appealing? You don’t need to wait for your 20-week scan to start planning your nursery space. For instance, it helps to decide before you register for your shower gifts. That way, you can request furnishings and decor that align with your vision and stay a little more organized with the decorating process.

 You can get detail-oriented, too – let your attendees know that your theme is aligned with a fun color scheme or literary inspiration. That way, even those guests who can only afford something small like a sippy cup and bib set can still unify your vision.

2. Rich, Colorful Hues

2022 should be the year you bid adieu to lightweight pastels and bring on the bold hues. You don’t necessarily need to go with primary colors. Green is one of the most popular colors of the season, so think evergreen and deep forest moss.

 You don’t have to do your baby’s entire nursery in a striking shade, however. It can feel overwhelming in a space meant for sleeping and cuddles. Plus, too much of a darker color can make the space look smaller, and you might already have situated your wee one in the tiniest room of the house.

 Instead, consider creating an accent wall that you can use to create a mural or hang beloved photographs. Another idea? Get geometric with your accents. A wall of green-and-white squares or mismatched triangles can make a stunning focal point, and you don’t need much artistic talent. The trick? Use painter’s tape to create straight lines.

3. Think Vintage

If you’ve checked the prices of things lately, you noticed that it’s more expensive to get the necessities than ever. However, you don’t have to buy new to rock the latest nursery design trend. Since old is new again, think vintage and take full advantage of all those offered hand-me-downs.

 Of course, you want to make sure your crib and changing station meet modern safety standards — a Victorian crib isn’t going to cut it. But rocking chairs, bookcases and other furnishings with vintage touches can be an excellent way to add character to your nursery.

 You can also save considerable cash by antiquing and visiting yard sales. Your best bet at getting a killer deal is to learn to haggle. It might feel uncomfortable asking, “Is that your best offer?” at first, but you’ll soon overcome your fear the first time you score a vintage dresser for less than the sticker price.

4. Soft, Textured Fabrics

Blanket: Mark & Graham

Mindfulness is all the rage, and part of it entails tuning in to your senses. When you feed and bond with your baby, surround yourself with sumptuous, soft fabrics that swaddle you and your infant.

 Look for blankets and throws lined with soft fleece to keep you both toasty during 3 a.m. feedings without making you adjust your thermostat. Natural, breathable fabrics like bamboo are ideal for summer months, as they release warmth and don’t get too stuffy from your body heat.

5. Creative Lighting

You need to see your baby – especially if you’re using cloth diapers with pins. However, a glaring overhead fluorescent or bright white incandescent can leave you with a headache. Worse, it can keep your infant from the restful night’s sleep you so desperately desire.

 Instead, direct lighting where you need it. Overhead track lighting looks better than a bare hanging bulb and shines illumination right where you need it most – like the changing table. You can also use floor and table lamps with gentle amber-tinted bulbs to prevent the light from further interrupting your sleep cycle when you get up to feed.

6. Bringing the Outdoors In

Nature has the power to heal adults. It can provide similar benefits for your baby. Bring as many houseplants as you care for into your nursery. When winter weather or new responsibilities keep you indoors, bring some nature inside with you.

 Why? There are two reasons. One, plants help clean your indoor air, allowing you and your baby to breathe more comfortably. For some people, they also have a calming effect, particularly if you feel a little stir-crazy in those first few months at home with your baby.

7. Going Wild

Speaking of nature, one popular nursery design trend is going a bit wild. Animals and nature are fun themes that appeal to children, open up creative design options, and help your growing collection of stuffed animals feel right at home. What’s not to love?

 There are a few directions to go from there. Rainforests are a colorful inspiration for any nursery. Why not paint a rainforest mural on your accent wall if you’re artistic? You can include colorful toucans and stately giraffes.

 Of course, if you’re interested in this theme, make it personal. If you have a favorite animal, unite your theme around it. A nursery full of lively monkeys or cuddly bears can appeal to your inner child while also providing a sweet, fun environment for your baby to grow up in.

Nursery Design Trends for 2022

One of the most exciting aspects of new parenthood is decorating the nursery. Here’s your chance to let your creativity shine! Of course, you want to remain in fashion – so try out one of these eight nursery design trends for 2022.



Evelyn Long is a Baltimore-based writer and the editor-in-chief of Renovated. She publishes home decor advice and product roundups for readers in spaces both big and small

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