The Five Best Apps to Use for Your Home



Searching through the major app stores can be an overwhelming experience. With over 800,000 apps just between Google and Apple, simply trying to separate the good from the bad becomes a full-time job. From the moment you hit the home screen of an app store, you are overrun with apps all claiming to be the “best” of their category. And, with more and more popping up every day, the app store is developing into a never-ending rabbit hole. Whether you’re looking to take on a new home improvement project or simply better your living conditions, we’ve found the best apps for the home.Color Capture by Benjamin MooreWe are surrounded by beautiful colors, so it’s about time that someone created Color Capture. Color Capture is an app that allows you to take a picture and match the colors in it to Benjamin Moore paint colors. If you find an advertisement or an invite that has a palette you love, the app will also match the palettes for you. You can also experiment with different color combinations to finally pick the perfect color palette for your bedroom. For anyone who doesn’t want to spend hours staring at paint chips next time they decide to spruce up their walls, this is the perfect app.HomeZadaThe home management app HomeZada is dedicated to helping homeowners get organized, save money, and protect and improve their home. The app offers a long list of helpful tools specifically for homeowners, including financial management tools, a digital home inventory creator, and management for your home maintenance deadlines, duties, and inspections.PinterestEveryone is familiar with Pinterest, but that’s because it really is an amazing app for fashion, project inspiration, home decor, and so much more. From self-improvement to interior design, surfing through Pinterest will provide you with much needed inspiration for every aspect of your life. And, when it comes to anything DIY, Pinterest is king. If you are feeling crafty, or entrepreneurial, hop on Pinterest and you’re sure to fuel your creativity.Belkin’s WeMo app (w/ WeMo Smart Plug)The WeMo app gives you complete control over anything you plug into a WeMo Smart Plug. Instead of having to replace all of your devices with new, expensive smart devices, WeMo lets you have full control over the devices that you already own. From coffee makers to lamps, anything that you can plug into an outlet can be turned into a smart device – simply plug it in and open the app to control it from anywhere. Forgot to turn off your coffee maker when you left for work? Open the app and turn it off – so simple! The app also gives you easy to understand reports on your energy usage and lets you create schedules, rules, and receive notifications.SleepIQ by Sleep NumberWhile you might not have thought much about smart beds, they are the future of sleep, and Sleep Number is leading that future. The Sleep Number smart beds are surprisingly affordable and feature built-in biometric sensors that record and analyze movement, breathing patterns, and heart rate. Then, the bed syncs with your SleepIQ app to provide personalized sleep reports and make adjustments aimed at improving your quality of sleep. More and more we’re realizing just how important sleep is to a healthy and happy life and just how sleep-deprived people are – so it is time that we start focusing on improving our sleep health.We’ve all spent hours searching the app store for a helpful home app just to use it for five minutes and realize its garbage. The app stores have become so crowded with thousands of useless apps that even the homepages are littered with 1-star apps. If you’re trying to find a useful app for the home, you can be sure that it will take you hours of trying and failing until you can finally find one. To prevent you from wasting your valuable time, we’ve done the research and found five of the most useful apps for the home. Whether you need help with a home project or you’re looking to turn your house into a smart home, use these five apps to turn your house into your dream home.  Guest Blogger-Elise Morgan  

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