The Great Love Affair With A White Kitchen

We love a dazzling kitchen and have been in love with the classic white kitchen for some time now. White kitchens repeatedly stand the test of time and unlike prominent misconceptions, they don’t have to be stark and plain. Some may also say too much white can make a kitchen feel, sterile and unwelcoming. We are hear to debunk those pesky little rumors once and for all! Crisp, clean white kitchens with gleaming marble counter tops make our hearts skip a beat. White makes a space appear larger and airier and will enhance other design elements. Your light fixtures form into sculptural elements, your stainless appliances sparkle, and richer toned flooring gains an extra hint of luxury against white cabinetry.There are many variations to a white kitchen that can be adapted to your home. A grand and welcoming white kitchen can be quickly warmed up by adding a few key elements. You may desire to add a butcher block counter, a colored mosaic tile back splash, a copper chandelier or contrasting lower cabinets for warmth. Another great way to add warmth to an all white kitchen is in the form of flooring and furniture, which also adds a bit of charm and character to the space. White also makes for the perfect backdrop for small dashes of bold color too! If you are looking for a more untroubled and smoothing space, add other light neutrals, such as shades of gray, tan and beige. 

White cabinetry paired with a white tiled back splash is scrumptious!  With this real white on white color pattern, you can introduce pops of color like sunny yellow!

A great way to add warmth to your white kitchen is by adding natural wood flooring a different colored back splash and island.


Two toned kitchen cabinets are still having a big moment! The darker shade on the bottom allows you to make a statement while simultaneously helping to ground the space. It will also make the space look larger because the white upper will help draw the eye upward.


White kitchens give off a sense of luxury and when paired with bold statement looking pendant lights your kitchen is sure to make a lasting impression!


Adding wood tones furniture pieces to your white kitchen adds the perfect amount of warmth to the space.


Adding shades of beige, gray and taupe’s make for a luxurious kitchen!


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