The Hottest Home Décor Trends Of 2017

eeIt’s hard to believe another year has come and gone. It’s been a whisper in my ear. A faint sweeping of air across my face. A gentle reminder of how precious time is and its magical ability to mask itself into a flight to fast to recall. As seasons change, so do home décor trends and today I would like to talk about the hottest home décor trends of 2017. These trends can awaken the soul and make your sense of style sing. Particularly the fresh colors that just might be the inspiration you’ve been looking for. 2017 is for the creative, the out of the box thinkers, the confident ones. They are an compilation of beautiful music decades long. Whether you are bold enough to add a green jeweled toned sofa or  pink to a space the colors of 2017 will bring a little smile to your face, they certainly have mine. 

 Light Pink & Green:    A little pop of color goes a long way in a beautiful, unapologetic way. Playful and elegant, hues of light pink and green can make for a beautiful addition to your home.

 romo Sofa: CB2 Furniure 

Light Gray Walls!    Keep them light and fresh-compose a space where you can escape and relax!



The Mixing Of Eclectic Styles: They days of a home designed entirely of one theme may be numbered. A combination of intricate textiles and crafty accessories to give your home a well traveled look. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, an unexpected eclectic combination of interiors I’d like to say. It should look effortless and mixed with ease. Don’t over think it, just allow the pieces to speak for themselves. Try and keep a monochromatic color palette. It can give the space a more coherent theme.



Delos Head Sculptures From Bungalow 5  cba128-styleshot_00111  Photo: Stfrank  

Welcome Back Cork! Sustainable and practical, cork is being used on the walls, floors and tables alike. It has a raw and timeless appeal and I’m loving it! It’s an eco-friendly material that eliminates dust and absorbs toxins.  If you’re an environmentally conscious homeowner this trend is just for you! Cork will also absorb sound and a bit of drama to a space. It can give the room the right amount of texture it needs. I love the variety of spectacular colors and multitude of grain and textures cork comes in. Go ahead, give cork a try! 

 aaa Photo: Muratto Cork Wall Covering By West Elm Hooker Furniture Living Room Accent Table/Work Surface (cork)  

Botanical Wallpaper: It can transform and inject the energy of a room. There will be a focus on wild flowers, birds and butterflies to hibiscus blooms and palms.

 rr hama111059_zoom               

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