The Hottest Trends In Home Decor~ Summer 2018

From glamour to natural tones, this time Beasley & Henley presents to you the summer trends for 2018. Summer is the time to give your home a face lift and a leap into creating something beautiful. Last year we saw a lot of metallics, tropical prints and embracing your inner bohemian. This summer we are going to see ceiling that pop, ice-cream pastels, the perfect imperfect effects of Terrazzo and more! Long gone is the need for a space to feel thematic and matchy. You want rooms that have a variety of textures, prints and materials that work together and are cohesive. May the warmth of the summers rays bring a more carefree, eclectic and stylish home to all. Here are a few of our favorite home decor trends of Summer 2018!GEN Z YellowThis summer we say goodbye to millennial pink, there is a new hue in town. Let’s take a moment and give a gracious bow to Gen Z Yellow. She’s a little more carefree, outgoing and bold. She wants to be noticed in an effortless way. She’s multifaceted and not afraid to tailor her shade to match ones personality.  You can achieve her glow with textiles, accessories, lighting or furniture. Gen Z Yellow can make a glowing appearance through a light fixture, flower arrangement, artwork, throw or as simple as bath towels.         TerrazzoTerrazzo may not be for everyone, but for those who just love the look of  mid-century styles, you will be ecstatic by its resurrection. This summer you will see it reworking into different colors and more creative applications. The perfectly imperfect terrazzo consists of materials such as granite, quartz, glass and marble. It’s an undoubtedly bold look with a sea of versatility. If your not looking to replace your flooring or counter tops no worries. You can apply this pattern into a kitchen backsplash, wallpaper or home accessory.    Bone InlayBone inlay of one of this summer’s hottest trends. It is a decorative technique that consists of inserting small pieces of bone, shell or ivory into a pattern. The variation gives every accessory and piece of furniture it’s striking character. It can be the perfect conversational piece providing your home with design and interest. The intricate patterns create striking textural contrasts that we love to see in homes.    Decorative CeilingsCeilings that pop will be all the rage this summer! This are looking up in the world of ceiling designs and we are all in! We love the wow factor in a home and the 5th wall can be the way to achieve that!  Whether painted a bold hue, applied moldings, plaster work,  shiplap or exposed beams ceilings are as hot as a summers day on Miami Beach.   TextureTexture is such a big thing this summer. You will see furniture that has a more natural handmade feel such as rattan and wicker. Textiles with lots of embellishments will be irresistible to the touch.  From textural wall patterns to baskets texture is everything! Woven furniture, lighting and accessories offer a visual interest without being impactful in color. I feel texture makes a home warmer, lived in and welcoming.   

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