The Perfect Christmas Gift 2020

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Yes, it’s the holiday season and like most of us this trying year I’m ready for a little joy and the anticipation of the old feelings brilliant electricity that fills the air this time of year. This year has certainly been exceptional and maybe not for the best for some of us. It has been a year that has brought us closer to our loved ones. A year of reflection and a year of learning the value of our precious time together. This year I wish for little miracles that seem impossible to achieve, but nothing is impossible this time of year, for those who just believe.  This time of year the infectious holiday cheer that reverberates from our home to the next. This wondrous season oozes magic, and it’s always been important for me to share this delight with my loved ones even if I cannot see them in person this year. I’m excited about purchasing that perfect meaningful gift for my friends and family, especially this year. I do know that finding the perfect present is a time-consuming task. Browsing online can take hours, even days and our time is precious. If you’re like me, you want the gifts to be unique and to provoke an emotion. Give a gift that says something about that person. Top it off with a glistening red bow, pass it along and make your loved ones feel a little more confident and special. The gift should say I was purchased with love and we have a connection and you mean the world to me. My curated list will make for a merry and bright holiday season. “My Favorites” make my heart pitter-patter at the thought of them. Be the best gift-giver you can be!

 Gifts For The Family

  1. A 3D Jigsaw Puzzle



2. Personalized Family Mugs From Uncommon Goods

3. At Home Escape Room by Uncommon Goods

4. Handwritten Recipe Personalized Maple Leaf Artisan Board

Gifts For The Women In Your Life

  1. A Rothy’s Flat Shoe

2. Silk Robe By Lunya

3. Rifle Paper Airpod Case

4. Herbivore Calm Experience Gift

5. House of Marley, No Bounds Outdoor Speaker

6. Handwriting bracelet

For The Men In Your Life

1. Star Wars™ Ice Mold Darth Vader, Set of 2

2. Exotic Meat Man Crate

3. Intermediate Wooden Model Building Kit

4. Shaken & Stirred 6 Pack Of Socks


5. DIAMOND DECANTER From Groovy Guy Gifts

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