The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For 2018

Can you believe that Valentine’s Day 2018  is just a month away! Whether a simple crush from the prick of Cupid’s first arrow or the excitement that love inflames within us from the melding of two hearts, Valentines is a day to celebrate!  It’s the time of year when I particularly enjoy reading poems of romance and love. One of my favorite poems was written by Michael R. Burch and it goes as such: “Let me give her roses, for my soul’s thorn. Let me give her solace for my words of treason. Let the flowing of love outlast a winter season. Let me give her books for my lack of reason. Let me give her candles for my lack of fire. Let me kindle incense, for our hearts require the breath-fanned flaming perfume of desire.” This poem got me thinking about the gifts of Valentine’s Day. I love any reason to show my love and this special day is just another reason to do so. It’s time to put on our thinking caps and try to “wow” our better halves with thoughtful gifts.  We are bombarded with so many choices, but it’s very difficult to hone in on that perfect one. This year I’ve curated a little list of my favorite gifts to make your shopping experience a little more pleasurable and a lot less stressful! I hope you find something you would “love” to give to your someone special. The perfect gift is just a click away! ~ Beasley & Henley Interior Design

Where It All Began Throw Pillow

Where did their love story begin? Whether the locale was grand, simple or somewhere in between, their pillow celebrates the start of something special. You can personalize it up to 25 characters! 


The Hidden Message Tie

Here’s a tie he’ll always look forward to putting on. A 100% silk tie with secret message. There’s a special pocket on the back where you can tuck secret love notes for him to find. Twenty five paper hearts are included for your messages, as well as a polished nickel heart charm engraved with the romantic sentiment “Here is my heart, guard it well.” 

      For your loved one who loves home decor these ottomans will make for the perfect gift!  Bring a little love to any room with a heart shaped or velvet ottoman.  Heart ottoman~Target   Velvet~Wayfair


The Perfect Gift To Your World Traveler 

As one who adores traveling and loves to celebrate romance and affection, I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give a gift of vintage inspired luggage.  Found on


A Gift For Your Jewelry & Purse Lover!

If your loved one loves the look, but not the price of designer jewelry and purses this online boutique is the perfect place for you!

Katherine Kelly Jewelry


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