The Safe Whisperer ~Enchanting Secrets Preserved In A Jewel

In order to preserve ones treasures & enchanting secrets, Boca do Lobo designed safes to secure them. Art for your home, each one has a personality of its own. They’ve been materialized into pieces of artwork for your home or office. With inspiring details, their mere presence creates a fascinating world of their own.  Some of their safes are inspired by the great artistic movement- surrealism. They not only guarantee the preservation of your most valued possessions, but exude confidence and validity. Several of Boca do Lobo’s treasures contain watch winders and cigar humidors. They’re unique flavor materializes into beauty and function in the most poetic way. I believe these safes have become more personal. They’ve reached a point where the unique functionality embodies pure luxury in a life well lived. Answering the question- “What is luxury”   may be more complex than one knows, but I believe these safes are works of art. The’re undeniable unique and give one pleasure by their mere presence. They’re not just objects in your home. They are an experience, a journey per say. They lend themselves to craftsmanship that will evoke feelings inside us all.Jorge Canete, the founder of Boca do Lobo was once quoted saying “I strongly believe in encounters; encounters with clients, with artists, with brand and with places. I love my job because each time we can write a new story”. Then there’s the talented Marco Coasta,  Boca’s head of design who stated “I believe that society is getting tired of industrial processes and mass production, my fight is to change this “way of living” from everyone.” I am in agreement with both of their beliefs. I love my job and the weekly encounters the interior design field brings into my life. The places we’ve been inspires us to reach beyond the conventional home decor. Our Beasley & Henley team is always on the search for ways to bring more value and interest to a space. We enjoy desiging each clients home with a story in mind. A sweet story of beauty in a voice that speaks to them in the most beautiful way.Below are a few of my favorite safes  coupled with a sprinkled of Boca’s cabinet designs that I have a slight love affair with…

Dali Safe

The Dali Safe

The Millionaire

 The Millionaire Safe



Cream Diamond






Dom Heritage




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