The Terrarium Trend

I’ve been seeing so many terrariums lately!  They are on blogs, in boutiques, home good stores and more.  Hanging terrariums in particular are what I’ve seen trending the most, but also they can also be held in repurposed items such as containers, teacups, you name it.   As a new homeowner I myself am looking into purchasing/making some of my own!  They’re an innovative way to bring nature into your home.  I love the idea of a miniature ecosystem being displayed in a modern structure.

Geometric hanging terrarium 

This geometric inspired hanging structure displays every element in which it takes for a terrarium to survive.  Every layer can be seen from top to bottom at every angle. It’s beautiful enough to hang in any area of them home and will add a great visual element to any room.  This terrarium in particular houses succulents, however there are a number of different plants you can choose to display!

Jug terrarium centerpiece

This one caught my eye because of its size and use.  It would be a great idea for a centerpiece.

Hanging globe terrariums

These small but mighty globe like terrariums from Etsy look great in multiples! Hang with some sturdy twine and you’re set!

Tea pot Terrarium 

Turn a glass tea pot into a romantic rustic touch to your decor!

As you can see there are an infinite amount of creative possibilities to house your living terrarium. I’m excited to get working on my own!


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