The “Tiny House” Movement is becoming a big Trend

Could you imagine living in a house smaller than 400 sq ft?  Even 100 sq ft?  Well for all the homeowners who are part of the tiny house movement, they can imagine it everyday! The tiny house movement is a becoming a big social trend where people are downsizing the space they live in.  An American home is typically around 2600 sq ft, while the typical tiny home is between 100 and 400 sq ft. focused on smaller spaces and simplified living.  The most popular reasons for this movement are environmental concerns,  financial considerations and interest in seeking more time and freedom.  Time and freedom? If you think about it, between one third and one half of Americans income is dedicated to the roof over their head.  If their mortgage was gone and home bills were cut down more than 70%, their might just be more time and freedom in your future. While this movement isn’t for everyone, there are definitely people out there who have jumped on board and those seriously considering it!  Just the Eco-friendliness of the movement is amazing. Check out this fun informational graphic diagram below to learn more about all the savings and perks of ‘tiny living’!


Could you see yourself or someone you know trying this way of living out?

Brittany Yunker of built this home after attending a workshop and now rents it out!

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The interior design considerations are few, but interesting!

Check out this video from The Daily to learn more about tiny houses and to take a tour of a few!

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