Tips On How To Make Your House Refreshing After Your Move This Spring

Moving in spring can be fun because you’ll get warmer weather right around the corner. After a tiring relocation process, it’s time to open up the windows and let the fresh air breeze through your new house.

If you’re looking to enjoy a refreshing home after your move this spring, here are a few tips to refresh your home with some DIY improvements.

1. Do a surface cleaning

If you want to invigorate the feel of your new home after moving, there’s something useful about dusting, vacuuming, and polishing. After a long, dark winter with the accumulation of dust and dirt, it feels good to make your place look clean and bright before organizing your stuff. A deep clean inside and out of your new home can transform it into a welcoming one. With a super dwelling place, you may feel more excited about welcoming people in once again. Besides, doing surface cleaning is all about preparing the space for family and guests for your welcome party.

2. Remove the extras                 

Eliminating unnecessary stuff doesn’t only happen before moving. Sometimes, you still have to declutter some of your belongings even after you relocate. Spring is the right time to refresh your new home before you get settled in. By this, start purging unused and unwanted things. You can do that by holding a garage sale or donating the stuff to a local charity within the area.

Another thing is that if you see some items that you haven’t used for a year now, it’s probably the perfect timing to really let go of them for good. Make sure you don’t keep one or two boxes in your garage after moving. Remove all the extras and enjoy the things you currently have.

3. Organize spaces

           The rooms in your new house are absolutely in complete disarray due to piles of boxes you’ve got from moving. Since spring is the time for awakenings and renewal, it’s a good idea to organize some cluttered areas to provide them with an inviting look and feel. Start by cleaning up the spaces. Once you’ve cleaned the space, arrange your stuff in their designated place and tidy fashion.

When it comes to furniture, you may consider re-situating them to make your new house more relaxing. If you need someone to haul your furniture back and forth into the moving truck, seek out help from professional movers near me for help.

4. Let natural light comes in

 After a whole season of dark, cold winter months coupled with stressful moving days, it’s time to catch a few rays going forward. Always keep in mind that natural light doesn’t only make the surroundings bright, but it also minimizes anxiety and improves your mood. For that reason, washing your windows first before doing any other tasks can be the first thing you should do. Make sure your windows can let the light in. If you have curtains, use the thin ones so that natural light comes through it. By doing this, you’ll definitely enjoy every ray from nature.

5. Try painting or wallpapering

Having a fresh coat is one of the best ways to incorporate a pop of springtime color to your new living space. Thus, choose the color that makes your place more colorful. However, if you sometimes fear the task of painting, you can try using wallpapers to give your space a refreshing look. When it comes to the kitchen, you can add new paint inside the cabinet and cupboards. In the bathroom, go for bold prints for revitalizing effects. You can apply this to your bathroom accessories and shower curtain.

6. Add some green

 A simple way to make your new house refreshing after your move this spring is to bring nature in. By adding a bouquet of fresh flowers, you can enjoy the fresh smell, thus making you smile all week long. Even if spring isn’t a gardening season yet, you can still add some greenery that will surely brighten up your day.

7.Use new décor

      A spring refresh after your move is more than just cleaning and getting rid of unnecessary belongings. It’s more about making your new home more refreshing with the addition of unique home décor, pieces of artwork, and other accessories. If you have existing decorations from your old houses such as an antique painting or a family portrait, you can display them to add some personal touch to your living room.


 With warmer weather in spring, moving can the perfect time to jumpstart a new beginning. To get started, make your house refreshing after your relocation with these simple DIY home upgrades. Doing so will not only make the moving process less stressful, but it’ll also make it a great success. However, if you’re still looking for assistance for your move in New York City, there are moving companies NYC that can take care of all aspects of the process.

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