To Metal Or Not To Metal: That Is The Question!

As I stare at our 20 year old roof in the sweltering summer heat, at a roof that so desperately needs replacing, I can feel a slight tinge of despair. On my worst days,  a “new” anything brings upon a feeling of elation, but this time it’s different.  It’s not a new sofa or our newly renovated kitchen. It’s a new roof! All I can think about is how much it’s going to cost and how much it’s not going to give me the same butterflies as walking into a newly tiled kitchen. I can’t touch or smell a new roof. It won’t arouse my senses that play a vital role in evoking my favorite memory, but it has to be done.As I explore the many types of roofs, metal seemed to be the forefront of many discussions. The second roofer I interviewed suggested it and immediately peeked my interest. He spoke with such passion as his illustrative words laid a magnificent sheet of glowing metal upon our roof. I’ve become quite skeptical in my years and quickly shook the image from my head. I allowed the second roofer to finish his display of detailed words and sent him on his way. I have to say, the idea of a metal roof compared to another asphalt roof intrigued me. Could it be a roof that adds a striking design element to my house while making it more energy efficient? Will it’s 70 year plus warranty live up to its timeless yet contemporary character?   If that is the case I am sold, but I need to do my homework and so it begins…To my surprise a wave of positive reviews and comparative studies proved metal roofs to be much more energy efficient than asphalt roofs. Studies show a significant decrees in energy costs in hot climates. The reason being, roofs that reflect rather than absorb heat will keep your air conditioning from having to work so hard. Asphalt roofs are primarily made of paper and slowly begin to deteriorate over time due to extreme weather and the sun’s UV rays. Depending on where you live,  a metal roof can keep its surface approximately 100-degree Fahrenheit cooler than any conventional roof. I also learned that metal roofs are noncombustible. Since your home’s roof can be the most vunerable party of the structure when it comes to a fire, a metal roof seems to be a great choice. Metal roofs will not spark spark and ignite into flames during a wildfire or lighting strike. Sounds great to me, since I happen to live in the lighting capital of the world. Not only are metal roofs energy efficient they are eco-friendly as well. Metal roofs are 100% percent recyclable too! Whereas more than 13 billions pounds of asphalt shingles lay useless in landfills.77 copy So far I am really enjoying the story line to my book To Metal Or Not To Metal, but there has to be a downside to installing a metal roof compared to another asphalt one, right? Well there are a few and I’d like to share them with you. Even if the positives outweighs the negatives,  I would compare them to placing a heavyweight boxer in the ring with a lightweight. Both are great fighters when placed in the ring with their equals, but the game changes when a there’s a 68 pound difference. Ok, let review the price difference. They say that a metal roof can cost up to a third more, but I am saving a considerable amount of money because they are laying the metal roof right on top of my existing roof, BINGO!  Depending on where you live, you are allowed to put one new roof on top of an existing roof. Secondly, if you chose to paint the metal a dark color the color will fade over time. Good thing we are going with a light metal, so no worries there. I  also read metal roofs can be noisy during a rain storm. I’m hoping the existing roof will act as a barrier, we will just have to wait and see.In a few weeks I will be blogging about the selection and installation of my new roof. I’ll make a wish,  cross my fingers and hope to tap dance to the sweet sound of the pitter patter of the rain. For now I leave you with a farewell and goodbye. 

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