Top 6 Most Creative Bookshelves

I have always been an avid reader, but since joining a book club 2 years ago my love and hunger for reading has surmounted my past feelings on the significance of those tiny words. The tiny words that stimulate  our intelligence and breathe life back into our hearts and souls. I enjoy being able to share my thoughts without having to fight to be heard and to express myself freely without judgment. Our books are being used as an outlet for higher and conceptual discussions and I love how each page connects our group of women from a variety of ages and backgrounds. My book club has inspired me to write this blog. With technology on the rise I still prefer books in their paper form. I love the feeling when I turn the last page, the texture of the paper, all the dog ears created and most of all the smell. The most powerful sense that instantly conjures memories of a fall afternoon in a coffee shop or that summer day spent reading on a beach. If I cannot find a book at the book store I can wait a few days for Amazon to send it. I don’t need the instant gratification and a little waiting is certainly worth it! With my ever growing orchestra of books,  I began to think about creative bookshelves. I came across a few and I think they are worth taking a closer look at. Our books have taken us to the most magical places and it’s only fair we place them in their own special place of their own. 1. Ultra-stylish industrial round bookcase by World Market. Its metal framing and contoured shape is sophisticated and intriguing. bookcase round 2.  Vintage Jaguar Bookcase3.  Old Ladder Bookcase4.  Boat Bookcase5.  State Bookcase designed by Ron Arad.6.  Star Bookcase

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