Top Home Decor Trends In 2022 You Need To Know About!

This year is going to be filled with not only mindful, but bold choices. The pandemic has brought us closer to our homes and opened our eyes to what we love and don’t love about our humble abodes. We are feeling more connected to our surroundings and the authenticity to our tastes. In 2022 we will embrace our individual selves, become a little more daring, creative and perfectly imperfect. The last two years years have certainly felt a bit surreal, and it’s time to channel that energy into positivity, beauty and touch of creativity.

  1. Emerald Green

    You can add emerald green to your home by painting an accent wall, a tiled backsplash in your guest bathroom, velvet accent throw pillows or thro for your sofa or occasional chair, bedding or incorporated into your artwork. It’s a color that symbolizes growth and harmony. It’s a refined color that evokes a sense of balance, freshness and renewal. In color psychology, green is thought to help balance emotions and promote a sense of calm and clarity.

2. Nature-Inspired Objects

Luring us back to nature, raw, porous, organic materials add soul, depth and visual intrigue to a space. These timeless materials are calming, versatile and bring texture to a room. You don’t need to turn your whole home upside down in order to make everything. These nature-inspired objects combine will with every existing style. Mother nature can make her present felt in any room while feeding our desire to connect with nature.

3. Print Me A Pattern

Going with the natural world’s energy and patterns, the use of botanical prints, trees, plants and flowers on walls and fabric will give a room a more lively look. Give your home a breazy new lease on life by creating a floral feature wall or scattering a few bold throw pillows around. When working floral prints into your home, keep in mind the scale of the flowers in the patters. Delicate flowers will create an illusions of space where as larger prints can make a room appear smaller when used on a large space.

4. Curved Furniture Silhouettes

In years past, the straight lines inspired by 20th-entruy modernism were the driving force of furniture design. Curvaceous furniture was big in 2021 and it’s here to stay! The forgiving lines that talk of femininity and coziness are not only interesting, but memorable. Curves are a little more playful and we are here for a statement trend, especially one as sophisticated as this one! A curved piece of furniture can double as art, adding architectural interest and the allure of a custom space. Be carful not to add too many curved moments and to not get caught up in a trend trap. It may cause a room to feel overcrowded. When paired with angular, sleek pieces you’ll be sure to create visual attraction. They work well paired with different styles of furniture. This trend is having a moment in entertaining and living room spaces. They can work well in spaces that host friends and family, as it makes it easy to sit, turn and chat with others. There is a conversational quality to the shape of these pieces.

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5. Eclectic Combination

A medley of old and new values will present themselves this year. A modern look will showcase itself when a mixture of Art Deco, Minimalist and Scandinavian styles intertwine. Different style and textures Eclectic interior design is defined as decor that incorporates a series of styles and textures to create one purposeful cohesive theme. The collage of furnishings can be pulled together by a color, play on contrast, a combination of objects that differ not only in size, but in texture, or comfortable furniture. Go ahead and lead your most creative side towards discovering new styles and innovation. Play with color, go wild with plants, add worldly accents, mix up your artwork and have fun!

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6. Cool Shaped Candles

Candles will be hot, hot, hot in 2022, but not just boring candle, but the swirl, twisty, funky shapes are fulling up mantels, bookshelves and tables everywhere. Not only are they are source of ambient lighting, they will create visual interest, creating great memories. The fun and fabulous mood-setters will be sure to be conversation starters during your next gathering.

6. Cool Shaped Candles

Ribbed Candles Sold On Etsy

Sold On Etsy

Candles by FormaStudiosByMaria on Etsy

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Despite the introduction of bold colors and prints, interior designer, Breegan Jane says our beloved neutrals will remain but with prints and texture that resembles nature. Yes, we’ll still have fun with bold and bright colors to insert personality into a space but with more time spent indoors lately, Jane says we’re all yearning for the healing and soothing qualities of the great outdoors. “I think we’ll see these neutral hues in interesting patterns with lots of great texture to add visual interest,” she forecasts. “We will also see more natural elements enhanced with metallic accents in ways that feel luxurious. Stone, gorgeous woods, and rattans are wonderful examples of that. Textured neutrals embody those calming and grounding characteristics that make a house feel even more like a home.” We couldn’t agree more. 


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