Trend Alert-Halloween decorations from Chicken Wire

It is eerie, but beautiful at the same time.

If you are tired of having a carbon copy version of your neighbor’s Halloween décor and want something uniquely spooky way this year for Halloween –  you have to check out this out!The sculptures are made of chicken wire. You can find the easy step by step guide at  The sculptures may look intricate and expensive, but they are relatively cheap.  All you need is chicken wire, small bolt cutters, tension wire, steel snips and zip ties. If you happen to have a head sculpture lying around 🙂  you can use it to form the head.If you want to take it a step further you can use cheese cloth to enhance the look of your figures. Drape the cheesecloth over the form and spray it with starch.  While it is wet, gently pip up areas of the fabric and sculpt it. You will get a mercurial effect this way. Don’t forget to let it dry for about 20 minutes before lightly spraying it again.     

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