Trending Bathroom Re-Decoration Styles This Summer


 The weather’s hot. The windows are open. Everything feels fresh and new.  And yet, it seems that the summertime vibes haven’t quite reached your bathroom. That’s why you’re thinking of spending the season redecorating your space so that it feels as exciting as the sunny weather happening outside of your home.  Of course, launching into a bathroom makeover isn’t a particularly easy task, especially if you’re not one for decorating in the first place. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of the 5 hottest trending styles to inspire the changes you make this summer.

 1. Dark Hardware

 Any easy way to make an impact when sprucing up your bathroom is to swap out the hardware. If you choose pulls and knobs with the same number of screws as the ones you have now, you can easily pop out the old and affix the new ones in a matter of hours.

 Now, if you want to make your new hardware extra-trendy, opt for dark finishes. Matte black or bronze will instantly modernize your bathroom. It looks especially sharp next to lighter colors. So, your all-white bathroom will be the perfect backdrop for some new black fixtures.

 As we said, you can easily change out the cabinet hardware. But don’t forget to put in new faucets, showerheads and taps, too. You can DIY those projects, as well, or bring in a contractor to swiftly and correctly get the job done.

 2. Give It a Fresh Coat of Paint

 Perhaps your  bathroom will still feel dated, even with new hardware. That could mean that the color palette in the space is old-fashioned. You can easily change that, of course, by whipping out a roller and a new pail of paint. What color should you choose for an instant refresh? The most popular bathroom hue of the moment is white. If you want something slightly less crisp, go for everyone’s second-favorite, grey.

 You can apply the paint to the walls, but don’t forget your bathroom cabinets, too. An old, outdated finish — oak cabinets with ornate door etchings, anyone? — can make your bathroom feel like a time capsule.

Instead, repaint your vanities or even to swap out your doors for something trendier. At the moment, that could range from shaker cabinets to flat, slab-style doors. This DIY project can modernize your bathroom design in the space of one weekend.

 3. …Or Try Something Bold

 We’ve touched on the most popular bathroom colors, but there is another trend that could have you reaching for something far from neutral. Nowadays, many homeowners want to make a statement with their bathroom, as opposed to turning it into an airy sanctuary.

 So, rather than choosing light paint colors for the walls and cabinets, they go for something a lot bolder and brighter on the facades. Think deep saturated hues, such as teal or eggplant. A few coats of a color like that on your wall will instantly transform your bathroom — and make it a trendy enclave in your abode.

 If you need a little more coaxing, look at the rest of the fixtures in your bathroom. A darker, more saturated paint will make gold or brass fixtures pop. If you have light-colored cabinets or tile on the floor, the new paint color will only enhance them, too.

 4. Mix Up the Floors

 If you’re thinking of taking on a more involved bathroom renovation, then you may be considering swapping out your old floors for a new material. New tiling can do wonders for an outdated bathroom.

 Minimalist bathroom design will always be classic for homeowners who want a serene bathroom this summer. However, if you’re considering a more adventurous touch, seeking out mosaic tiling for your floors can add character to the space without overwhelming a well-planned design.

 5. Make Your Tub the Centerpiece

 Finally, here’s the biggest change you could make — but one that would make your bathroom incredibly trendy. If you’re ready for that full-on renovation we mentioned above, you might want to start swapping out your basic bathtub for something that can become a centerpiece.

 Not just any standalone tub will do, though. At the moment, the must-have tub style is the asymmetrical basin. So, one side of the tub will protrude out further than the other. It will give your bathroom a more modern feel instantaneously. And, of course, you’ll have an incredible place to relax and really enjoy your new bathroom.

 Update Your Bathroom This Summer Season

 This summer has inspired you to update your bathroom. You can make a few changes yourself, or you can bring in an expert to help you completely renovate your space. Either way, you can take on projects that will have your space looking fresh, new and completely on trend.  So, grab a paint brush or call your trusted contractor — it’s time to get started and see what you can do this summer.




 Evelyn Long is a Baltimore-based writer and the editor-in-chief of Renovated. She publishes home decor advice and product roundups for readers in spaces both big and small.


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