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Art is a huge part of Interior Design.  Can you imagine a home without art?  A hotel? A restaurant?  Art is what fills a space with emotion, the element that ties together a concept.  How you want your space to feel, what you want to convey, can all be done with art.  I was interested in seeing what was trending in the Art World and came across some beautiful pieces.


Photography continues to be displayed prominently in condos, hotel lobbies, and office spaces across the U.S. Especially popular are large colorful contemporary pieces with scenes of urban decay, cinematic dreamscapes or landscapes.  


Decayed Hallway at Empty Post Office



Beat up old VW Beetle


New Media Art (Art + Technology) 

The use of technology as subject matter and/or medium is ubiquitous in the art world.  It’s mind blowing how ever present virtual art, internet art, multi-sensory and multi-media installations, even video games, have taken over the art world.  What’s especially trending with digital art is combining digital with mixed mediums such as paint or pencil.  This has a very distinguishing effect.


By: Mixed Media Artist Roman Andrianov

“My artwork is a digital illustration (collage) that conveys the idea of mixed media.  It represents a mixture of analogue and digital arts.”


Mixed Media Artist Sandra Chevreir

(courtesy of the blog

“Sandra’s mixed media on paper works are just that, heroines displaying a delightful hybrid of strength and softness.  Brushstrokes of paint in varying densities create dynamism that’s pure dynamite.”


Resin is becoming more and more apparent among many artists work.  Pouring resin onto canvas or panels gives the work of art a thick glossy modern surface.  It can be poured on practically any type of artwork, collage, digital, photograph or painting.  The end result always provides a clean contemporary surface.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 12.12.49 PM

Epoxy Resin Art by Kenneth Sloan



Image of Resin being poured onto canvas

(image courtesy of

What is your favorite trend in the Art World?  Out of these I favor Mixed Media because it encompasses a vast amount of different styles and mediums.  Maybe even a mixed media piece with Resin on top!

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