Unique Design Looks for Thanksgiving Hosts

Thanksgiving isn’t just about the turkey — you have to decorate the house so that it’s worthy of the bird. To make it extra special, you can coordinate your tablescape with the design of your kitchen or dining room, or choose a decorative theme that suits the guests gathered around your feast this year. Here are five ideas that could inspire your design this year.

Traditional: Warm Florals

A traditional design scheme typically incorporates warm colors — tans, reds, browns — as well as wood tones, rich fabrics and gold accents. If your home features these classic elements, you might consider accenting them with festive floral arrangements that bring out the colors of your walls, furniture and accessories.Even if you start with a store-bought arrangement, you can spruce it up with a few added pieces to make it your own. For instance, you could add sprigs of berry or a handful of mini pumpkins to your bouquet. To really amp up the appeal of your arrangement, add cool blue accents to bring out the traditional hues of your flowers and home. 

Bohemian: Earth-Inspired

On the opposite end of the spectrum from traditional, you’ll find a bohemian-inspired Thanksgiving table. This design style is all about layering, whether that’s in the literal sense or piling different patterns and colors into the same space. You can easily do the same with your Thanksgiving table.The trick to making it bohemian is to leave out anything that’s distinctly autumnal or Thanksgiving-esque. Instead, let the colors inspire you before adding natural design elements. For example, you might tie warm yellow or orange napkins together with gemstone rings. They’ll pile nicely onto Mediterranean-style patterned plates or monotone dishes.

Modern: Simple Shapes

Modern design is all about simplicity and elegance, so your Thanksgiving design shouldn’t be too busy. If you have a minimalist kitchen, highlight it with a monochromatic theme revolving around a neutral like white or tan. Your table should work in tandem with the sleek style you’ve already cultivated.This information isn’t to say you shouldn’t include autumnal design accents such as pumpkins. Just try painting them or choosing non-orange options that are a muted take on the classic — that’s what your style is, after all. Finish the look with geometric serving accessories, plates and utensils. Bonus points for matching your cutlery with the metallic hardware you have in your kitchen already.   

Family-Friendly: Fun Reigns Supreme

Your feast’s attendees might not all be grown-ups, so don’t forget to consider little ones when you set the table and prepare for the day’s activities.Younger kids simply won’t be able to sit through more than a 10-minute meal, no matter how much good food there is on the table. Bursts of fun color, handmade decorations and activities like the classic handprint turkeys will all add family-friendly flair to your Thanksgiving look and keep everyone entertained. Plus, you can take a hint from your favorite restaurant, and provide all the kids with coloring books to help them get through dinner sitting down. 

Rustic: A Few Thanksgiving Touches Will Do

Finally, if your home has a rustic design scheme already, you’re in luck — the look creates the perfect backdrop for a Thanksgiving feast. The place is already replete with warm colors, lived-in furniture, natural wood accents, antiques and flowers. All of it will go perfectly with your holiday table, so you won’t have to do much to prepare. Your regular place settings will look great since they’re already country enough. Just add cloth napkins and a few seasonal blooms or gourds and voila: Thanksgiving is served. 

Make It Yours

No matter your design style, you’re sure to be able to piece together the perfect Thanksgiving design for your feast this year and beyond. After all, you already have the most important element of all — your loved ones, who will gather around the table and make it look perfect no matter what. Guest Blogger- Holly Welles believes in making the most of any space, no matter how cramped. You can subscribe to her own real estate and home décor blog, The Estate Update, for the latest tips in figuring out homeownership.

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