Urban Living Trend! The Cinder block as Interior Design


Cinder Blocks are big design news! Until I started researching, I had no idea they were trending so hot particularly for outdoor spaces.  Who knew?!  Once I started to delve into these ideas, I thought, how could I not have thought of this before?  I’ve been researching different ways to efficiently and creatively design a small outdoor space for those living in urban areas who lack large outdoor areas.I love a good challenge when it comes to getting creative with space and materials.  These ideas are sure to not disappoint!

Modular Painted Planters 

This one might be my favorite.  Functional and aesthetically pleasing, the industrious, raw, simplicity of the cinder block  adds so much character to an outdoor space.  Use as many or as little as you want! 

Seating for 10 with lumber and cinderblocksThis Philly homeowner wanted to convert the small garden area into a space that could seat up to 10 comfortably for Summer BBQ’s.  At first glance I wasn’t too hopeful for a successful seating plan for 10, but the ‘after’ picture proved me wrong!

The coffee table itself is so simple yet so innovative.  Alongside the seating, this whole concept is brilliant.  To see more of how this homeowner crafted this look, check out his blog at http://www.ispaci.com/erics-smart-pad/.  Bench for everyone

Create any size bench with cinder blocks, a cushion pad and some pillows.

Fire Pit

How cool is this!? Your guests won’t want to leave your comfy abode with this fire pit in the winter time.  The best part about these 4 projects is that they’re well under $100 and DIY friendly.

Here’s a link to the blog for directions http://www.thedirtyloft.com/blog/i-built-a-fire-pit-and-you-can-too/

Well there you have it!  4 different ideas for a small urban backyard space!  A lack of space should never mean a lack of creativity!

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